Official: NSW Game 1 Team

I hope they pick Bedsy, he is well past his prime and coming off an injury that has prevented him running so his fitness will be tested especially at origin level. It would be a massive mistake but that is one thing the Blues do well isn't it. Pick the wrong player at the wrong time and destroy the confidence of the incumbent.
Absolutely no point whatsoever in picking Farah and Buderus imo. It has to be one or the other and should be Farah. He did nothing to deserve being dropped and they surely have to come to a point where they decide to at least try and stick with the nucleus of a team?!?!
^ +1

I lol that the idea of NOT playign Farah for 80 minutes in Game 2 is even contemplated. I always joke that it's like NSW haven't learnt after 6 series, but seriously? Again?

Farah is hands down the best NSW prospect at 9. Now and for the future.
Farah should be retained as hooker for game 2. With Choc coming in, the loss of T-Rex doesn't affect us as much. Bedsy is well past his best and would struggle on the big stage now.
T Rex is a massive loss he only just started to cause havoc when he got broken
Keep the same 1-13 then a bench of Watmough, Hinchcliffe, Merrin and Grant and then they are a much stronger side.
Shhhhh, Brizz don't throw them good ideas.
Big Pete, be thankful he only put words in your mouth.
Just read an article about the likely changes for NSW looks like we will see;



IMO that is a much better side however I think they will still be desperately lacking points due to a pretty average halves pairing. They desperately need to hold QLD to under 20 points to be any chance.
I just don't understand how Woods was 18th man in Origin 1 and now Grant gets picked ahead of him? :confused:
Grant is a tough no nonsense forward that always makes ground and never takes a backward step and there is no disputing his passion for his state. I've got no problems with his selection.

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