Official: NSW Game 1 Team

Has that knee injury that prevents him from hitting his full stride.

Pretty well documented.

Fozz said:
I'm sure Pete meant one brain cell.

Well and that too. :cheers:
T-Rex was excellent. A big blow for NSW. It means they'll probably have to keep Ben Fairyprincess in the team.

Different players. I've no idea who'd be next cab off the rank as an edge player for NSW. Perhaps Mateo?

Creagh has a role and he plays it well. He's their best defender by a fair bet. If he was to lose out it would be to Watmough.
Yeah id be swapping creagh for watmough for sure. Bit harder to find someone for williams. Havent sited TTL but id be having someone like him mebe.
Hinchcliffe was good against us and offers better value than Buhrer NSW are stupid if they don't make this change.
Wouldn't they just chuck buderus back in?
Wouldn't they just chuck buderus back in?

I would hope so. I'd like to see Farah starting, and Bedsy come on late in each half. It was at those points that we lost the edge we started the game with; I think Buderus' leadership is essential as the game wears on.
id be happy with Buderus in the NSW team, hes rubbish lol.
All he brings to the table is his defence.

He doesn't have a running game, his service is average and slow.

He might be one of their best players this season...but that just tells you everything really.
I'd have to say that Buderus doesn't scare me in the slightest as a QLD fan. He was a good player but now only gets a game because the Knights have nobody else.
Well documented and total BS apparently. Hayne reckons that his knee is 100% and there's no issues with it. Which is surprising, you would have thought Hayne would make excuses for his poor form.

Wouldn't think a player would want to draw attention to a potential injury in case a merkin of a coach targeted it.

Still, my point was that he had a serious knee injury that's seemingly prevented him from pinning the ears back. He certainly isn't playing like the speed freak he once was.

The only area Bedsy has consistently shined in is his defence. His attack barely threatens at club, it wouldn't threaten at all in Origin. And only shining light? I don't blame you for not watching a lot of Knights this season but McManus, Uate, Snowden, Mason & Houston have been just as good if not better than Bedsy. Mullen has had his moments too but as always he's dropped off big time.
Even if Buderus only excels in one area that's still one more than the other NSW options.

Also, thank god Lyon hates NSW. I'd hate to see Uate outside him.
What a condescending wank of a post.

Attack is an umbrella term that includes everything that comes with holding the football. Buderus isn't terrible in that department, but his vision isn't good enough to make up for his other faults.

You obviously rate him but from what I've seen of him, he's done little to suggest he'd impose at Origin level.

I'd let Farah play the full 80 to test if Game 1 was a one off.
Don't care where you went wrong, you made the mistake of putting words in my mouth and now you're being a hypocrite.
Buderus is past his best. If NSW want to put a hooker on the bench why not put Rein on the bench. I think giving 2 hooker 40 mins each would be a failure. I think Farah can play the 80 and should do.
I'm not going to spell out every post for you because you have comprehension issues.

I hope he gets selected too, makes the Maroons job 100% easier. :finger:
How does one make a post without spelling?

Obligatory reference to Broncoman. Love ya, Broncoman.

I don't care that Buderus isn't as quick around the ruck as some other hookers. His job isn't to break the line, but to organise the forwards and create opportunities for Pearce and Carney to create holes. Not that he's a slouch; I've seen him scoot past markers as well as anybody countless times this year. Not one other player returning from Superleague has been as awesome on return as he has this season.
But what I like about him is his toughness and leadership. If nothing's happening in the forwards, he's more than happy to take the ball and hit it up right into the defence to shame his props into pulling their fingers out. He leads in defence, and relishes tackling. After NSW's huge start to the game on Wednesday, we began to taper off later on and dropped off the intensity; Buderus is the right bloke to maintain it.

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