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I cannot believe that tackle by Glenn Stewart doesn't get a charge at any grading (I presume because any level of grading with his record would mean he gets a week). But this is simply the NSW judiciary doing what they do best, protecting their team. Simply, he has an atrocious record he swung his arm and hit Norman on the chin, how exactly does that not get a charge.
I call bias BS. We see tackles like that slip by all the time. It's around the neck.
If they didn't get rid of the TBA rule it could have all worked out fine. Gets one week for his hit on Norman. Manly play on the weekend. Stewart is selected for NSW on Monday.

I don't understand how you can have any momentum when only 8 of the 17 payers from game 3 last year are even in this years side, and only 1 of the "spine" combination has been retained. This is of course totally ignoring the fact they lost the series lol.

This comment in a related story about ratings from last years game 3 from that link above also made me laugh.

Jamie Soward - A tough night for the five-eighth as the Maroons dominated possession and field position. Always looked likely to break the line. He'll play for NSW for the long haul. 7
I'm really hoping somebody absolutely smashes that coward Creagh

The funny thing is I think he is actually being serous. How can a guy who sits outwide running at halfbacks and tackling centres for 80 minutes be a role model or leader for a forward pack? The fact he pushes guys then runs away from them is also an inspiring attribute to his leadership arsenal.

Ricky Stuart doesn't like big front rowers in general. And he'll probably still hold that opinion after our massive pack dominates them up front.
On a somewhat related note, the Herald Sun reported that the game tonight is sold out. Docklands holds 55,000 odd in oval configuration; I'm not sure what the capacity is when it's set up for footy but that's a great effort by the Victorian fans.
Creagh: "I want to set an example for the new guys and the young guys in the side by showing them how to do it."

3 hit ups lol. yeah thats how to do it, nancy boy.
Buhrer was the perfect replacement for Gidley. :finger:
The two biggest selection WTF's from NSW proved everything that was said about them. Buhrer and Creagh are a waste of space.
I'm not advocating huge changes because NSW shouldn't make many but they are two people who the team would be better off without.
Well I had a ton of questions, let's see how they turned out...

After two serious knee injuries can Stewart handle Origin? He did his job at the back but practically all he did was return the ball. A pass mark.

Can Hayne perform on one leg? Sure can. Gave us a few headaches out-wide and the shot on Tate to prevent a try was important. Probably went a bit too sideways at times so plenty of room for improvement.

Can Jennings beat somebody not named Nielsen? Yep. Definitely won the centre battle against Hodges but away from capitalising on a Slater mistake, never went on with any of his breaks or half-breaks.

Was B. Moz just the wrong Morris or are they both crap? Jury is still out. J. Moz came up with some good reads but was otherwise fairly quiet.

Will Carney pull another Houdini? Pretty much did, in fact, the only 'big' plays he came up with were mistakes and missed goal kicks. Only positive is that it can't get much worse.

Can Pearce show us what he's made of? Ehhhh, more of the same really. He was solid, but still came up with a couple of clangers at times and while he gave Jennings some good early ball, there were times where his side needed him and he didn't front up. Game 2 will be defining for him.

Will Farah get exposed at Origin again? Top shelf performance from Robbie. Kept it simple and really gave the Blues the ascendancy in the early part of the first half. However, that was the best performance I've seen from him in years - can he keep it up for Game 2? Especially if his pack doesn't dominate as they did on Wednesday?

Is Tamou more than just another Villasanti? Early signs point to - Yes. Gave Gallen some good support through the middle, attracting plenty of defenders yet still making good ground. Solid debut.

Can Lewis & G. Stewart make Origin their own? Nope. Solid performers but didn't quite lift the gear you'd expect them to. G. Stewart in particular seemed a little lost with ball in hand.

Will Buhrer be a better utility than Kidley? :haha: Nope.

Can Creagh run faster backwards? Probably, he was still very ordinary.

Is Merrin better than his sooky Dragons brethren? Yeah...but he still didn't have a break out game. It was an improvement on last year, so he keeps his spot

T. Williams more than just a big man? He was a wrecking ball but his 7 weeks off made him look a little slow in my book. Looks like he might be injured which is a huge shame as he clearly has tremendous potential.
T-Rex was excellent. A big blow for NSW. It means they'll probably have to keep Ben Fairyprincess in the team.
Since when did Hayne have one leg??
I'm sure Pete meant one brain cell.

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