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Everyone is backing up outside of Selwyn it appears. Arthars to right wing and Oatesy returns appears to be the go but I can’t be certain Arthars is the right winger that’s just what I took from Oates to replace Cobbo in the side (presumably swapping wings with Arthars).
Pereira would be worth a shout i think for that side
I would’ve gone with resting Walsh & Patty for Sailor & Jensen.

Between Kobe & Capewell(when Piakura comes in to play left edge), reckon they would cover lock position easily which would make Jensen to play the workhorse role comfortably.

I just don’t want Walsh & Patty especially, to be burned out.
They won't though. We have 3 byes in the 2nd half of the season not to mention all the origin players will be rested on at least one ocassion (mostly like twice) off the back of an origin game. You also have to remember that they didnt play footy for nearly 2 weeks (13 days) before game 1. They also get long layoffs before each of the remaining origin games. Not to mention that if we are in a good enough position at the end of the year that we can't go up or down the ladder in the final round they all get a rest for finals. If this was against anybody else you probably take the time but you have to remember if they are capable of playing this game and they don't and we lose and at the end of the year they don't get that rest cause we are fighting for the top 4 or yet again we miss the 4, it would be pretty annoying. At the end of the day top 4 is a must to compete for a comp and whilst Origin is great and a privilege they get contractually paid to play for the Broncos not the Maroons and if they can't survive with 3 byes from the start of the origin period to the end of the season without staying at a reasonable level - obviously they will fatigue to a degree - than they are taking the piss and that privilege should not be given to those who can't perform to that said standard. If one of them really thought they weren't in a position to play this week they would say something as well. Patty having played 68 minutes in the middle probably very well could need a rest but I think Piakura's inclusion on the bench means that Hetho and Capes will have a decent amount of minutes through the lock position. I think if their is anything to be worried about is the tactical preparation the players have going into such a crucial game.
While I do think it is harsh that Jensen has been left out of the team this week, I am actually really excited to see Capewell in the middle again and for Piakura to be given another shot.

The reasons for this are:

- I am hoping that Piakura will be better for the run last week in the NRL. He has never had consecutive games, so hoping he can continue to adjust to this level with more minutes and experience.
- Excited to see Capewell in the middle again, as he was great there last week. I would be interested in having him and Hetherington share the lock roll full time, with Carrigan partnering Haas at prop. Then we could have Jensen/Taupau, Hetherington/Capewell and Flegler coming off the bench in the forwards.

Be interested to hear what you guys think.

- Selwyn obviously out
- Reece to be given until tomorrow morning, he's fine though but happy to give Tristan another go if needed
- Kevvie thinks Tristan will get another contract but that is up to Simon (Scanlan)
- Tom is good to go
- Patty will play some limited minutes
- Payne has recovered from his ankle and will most likely play limited minutes too
- Kurt would do a great job at second-row in the second game if Billy wants to go that way
- Nicho will be fired up and needs to be respected but we are focusing on what we do
- Looking forward to seeing where we are at up against a top 4 side with good stats
- We'll see how the game goes and that will dictate the minutes the 3 middles backing up play
- Deine made a couple of blues to other night but he did well and he is being pathwayed in, he will play Q Cup this week to continue his development so he is ready to go when his time comes soon
- Kotoni has been really good for us, he's an origin player, we know that and he knows that so if they don't pick him, that's good news for us
- Corey is right to go and will play this week, great to have him back in
Clever idea to rest Jensen now as he will be needed big time during the other two origin games. Either that or he's carrying an injury that they're keeping quiet as he has been one of our best in the pack.
Harsh on Jensen as he has done imo nothing wrong.

Maybe it's just a break to allow Capes to see more middle mins and Piakura be used on an edge off the bench.

Jensen will no doubt see plenty of mins through the rest of origin as Patty, Flegs and Haas need rests but still, harsh on CJ.
Jensen dropped after Flegler and Haas played an Origin match a few days ago.

Surely it's some injury, Jensen should be a Starter it makes no sense.

Atleast Piakura is been given some games now, I have yet to see why he had such wraps on him and want to see him show it.
So after origin with our 3 starting middles backing up, Kevvie decides to go with a bench with a utility, a small lock, Tapau and an edge backrower who makes no metres.

Dropping Jensen makes no sense, and is just another example of Kevvie having no idea. This is a game where Jensen should be playing the most minutes of the year, with Haas and Carrigan both playing 30-40minutes each and making sure we don't burn them out for the back end of the year and finals.
Clever idea to rest Jensen now as he will be needed big time during the other two origin games. Either that or he's carrying an injury that they're keeping quiet as he has been one of our best in the pack.

I'd tend to agree with you if he hadn't essentially been rested against the Panthers two weeks ago, playing all of 13 minutes.
Clever idea to rest Jensen now as he will be needed big time during the other two origin games. Either that or he's carrying an injury that they're keeping quiet as he has been one of our best in the pack.

He could quite easily rest him the following week against the Knights when we don't have 2 props backing up from Origin and then do the same against the Dolphins.
It’s beyond stupid!

Jensen was one our best last start, Piakura was our worst. Our three best forwards are all backing up after an origin game and our best back up prop is dropped?

Even for Kevvie this is ridiculous in its stupidity.

I can’t understand it at all.
Could be as simple as a game off to refresh or a niggle he may have where we are in a position to give him a week off,who knows.
Is he named to play elsewhere?
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