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    Unfortunately Taylor is getting superstar money, and will probably want to keep getting it
  1. Wolfie

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    Who wouldnt.
  2. You don't have an opinion on the rest of the post, but you're just going to pull the one thread you can still pick on... right.

    Speaking of, I don't think you understand the meaning of deflection. I didn't pretend Taylor's flaws weren't there, and I'm not excusing or justifying anything with Nikorima. It's a valid comparison between the halfbacks who played this game, and I'm clearly saying that despite Taylor's flaws (which I clearly acknowledged!), I'd still have him before Kodi as our 7. I don't understand what is unclear about my stance.

    P.S. I'm not going to bring all the posts in this thread alone, much less the live one... but **** me, did you even forget your own "Ash Taylor is a fat little cat. I want him nowhere near this team ever." ?
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    I’m not picking on a thread, I literally had nothing to say to the rest so discussed the bit I did have something to say to. What was I meant to do? Quote each paragraph individually and say ‘yep’ ‘yep’ ‘agreed’ ‘not sure your point but ok’ ‘yep’?

    In terms of the last bit how does that have anything to do with Kodi? I didn’t say he is a fat little cat that I don’t want anywhere near my team because Kodi is a way better halfback. I don’t want Taylor at the Broncos and I also don’t want Kodi at halfback. Ash is not the only halfback in the game meaning that not wanting him means that Kodi is locked in at 7.

    I have honestly read your post several times and have tried to understand your point but I just don’t, whether that is a reflection on me I am unsure but in either case I will leave it there.
  4. In other words we're both misinterpreting the whole Nikorima thing. I'm not using Kodi to excuse Taylor, and you're not saying you'd have him over Taylor. Let's leave it at that, since it appears you agree with the rest of my previous post.
  5. CaptainHook

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    I'd rank Nikorima ahead of Taylor atm.

    Kodi was easily the better player on Sunday and looking back at the match summary for Round 4 Nikorima's stats were better than Taylor's.

    Kodi is going ok I reckon.
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  6. I'm all for shitting on the traitor, but even I can't go that far, Taylor is clearly better than Nikorima in terms of being a "Halfback", Kodi has a more versatile running game, which is evident in the stats, but in terms of overall production, it's not particularly close.

    Ash - 15 games, 2 tries, 16 try assists, 3 line-breaks, 12 line-break assists, 8 forced drop outs, 17 offloads
    Kodi - 15 games, 4 tries, 4 try assists, 8 line-breaks, 4 line-break assists, 4 forced drop outs, 1 offload
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  7. CaptainHook

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    Fair call mate.

    I don't follow Titans games. The only times I've seen Taylor play this year is the Broncos games and I think Nikorima got the better of him.

    I don't mind Nikorima. The only criteria I base that on is the enjoyment I get watching Broncos games and I can honestly say he doesn't shit me half as much as Ben Hunt used to.

    That may change but for now I'm happy for WB to stick with him.
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  8. Yeah, it's hard to argue with that.
  9. pagey

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    No no no ! Broncos ahead of titans yes , kodi over taylor no. Look at there stats and you will see , also put Taylor with our team and then you will get a better idea.
  10. Accept

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    lol, unfortunately Kodi doesn't rank ahead of anyone. Worst #7 in Bronco's history and that includes Shane Walker who got a game there once.
  11. Pub Steak

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    The difference is Ash taylor threw his career away by taking the big $ at the team with the worst player development in the nrl. He could have gone almost anywhere, or stayed with broncs, earned normal money and had a chance to become one of the best halves in the game. We will never really see his true potential and already the money and the culture is evident in his game and attitude. His loss. So many young players think they’re superstars cause of big offers these days and that’s the end of them. Kodi isn’t a better halfback but has put himself in a better position to be a better player than ash based on attitude, people around him, culture and it’s evident in his effort, work ethic and improvements. Some players will never be good halfbacks but even if he doesn’t become one, Milf will be and Kodi will be a really good player because of the experience (personally I think he’s a 5/8 and prob a very good one).
  12. Alec

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    Do you think that if the Titans threw a mil at Kodi he wouldn't take it?
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  13. Battler

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    Yes, because that would be beyond insane for a player like Kodi. It would be like someone offering Oates over a mil.

    Taylor had the chance to develop on the Broncos on about 750-800k, which was overs at his current development and would have cost us someone like TPJ or Isaako. A 200k price cut to play at a club that will get the best out of him and is more likely to look after him long term (post career as well and in the off chance that he's injured) vs a stupid deal from a basketcase club that is barely keeping its head above water and is dishing out dumb deals left right and centre (Boyd and Wallace are on like 1.5mil between them LOL), further compromising its, and Taylor's, chances of success. Lucky for him he has the media on their knees waxing lyrical about everything he does right and ignoring his many pitfalls.

    With the extreme talent we have coming through the Titans kamikaze signing has only really hurt us for a season or two until said talent develops into FG regulars, it has absolutely destroyed the Tits' chances of doing anything for the next 5-10 years. Hell, we've already unearthed a bloke in Isaako who has, IMO, a better chance of becoming a better spine player than Taylor when he transitions to FB.
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  14. Thelmus


    You can criticise Taylor for his attitude on and off the field (I don't see it personally, but I don't watch him that closely), but not for taking that kind of money. Anyone would.
    I think its a mistake long term as his career would have been a lot longer and more lucrative here, but sometime a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush.
    That said he definitely could train harder or eat healthier, as he lacks the kind of endurance halves (at least with the pay he gets) normally have.
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  15. Pub Steak

    Pub Steak NYC Player

    Maybe Kodi would take it... I’m pretty sure we’ll never know. And if he did I’d be saying the same thing about him and his attitude and culture, etc would prob suffer also. That wasn’t really my point to compare the players. More to compare the systems. Yeah young guys see the dollar signs and want that superstar feeling but it is at the detriment of their career. And it’s why Bennet, the best player coach out there doesn’t compete against stupid offers that he knows will mess up a players attitude. I’m generalising as some players can remain humble and handle it. But many can’t. My opinion is that Ash taylor has a fucketload of potential and that the Titans will not be able to extract it. He can prob still be a fairly good half in years to come but never a Thurston or Cronk, which he may have been at the Broncs.
  16. Number6

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    He’s been playing more adequate and less like a legless cat. Well is a big stretch that Boyd’s hamstrings are still yet to show....
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  17. Number6

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    Just watched the game in full and uninterrupted. Thought there was a lot of bounce of the ball to Broncs which usually is made up for next week.

    Forwards smashed the titans. Should have been 50+. A lot of errors and dumb plays imo. And wtf would u keep taking the 2 unless had no faith in the team. Needed another 30 points for for and against which in this tight competition is almost worth 2 premiership points let alone getting confidence and structures together. I can see WB point of not letting them get ahead of themselves and overconfident do keep to structures in a young team but not going to do any good if finish fifth on for and against.

    Also while very impressed initially with 0 score line at surface very lucky not to have been 12-18 against a putrid attack.

    Good win and huge as always by forwards but need a lot more consistent application against good teams to win this year. Let’s hope keep building but hardly stuck the knife in on that one. KNik was good at 5/8 (he didn’t add anything as a number 7) which is nice to see too.

    As for Taylor feel he was unlucky not to have at least 1 TA recorded. With a hammered pack and bad week where head was somewhere else have to be realistic on a young bloke. He is carrying the teams offence single handedly. At end of day if he wants huge cash he’s fine as GC lost without him. If he wants to be the best halfback in Australia and play for QLD needs to go to non joke club immediately and get the right structures to pull his head on and add some polish.
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  18. Cult3

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    This is the kinda pathetic and unnecessary bullshit that makes it hard for people to take you seriously. He's been playing well
  19. holdzy89

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    No it's not - Boyd has played well the last few weeks. Prior to that, he was not playing well - except well below par. Now he is up to good with a ways to go. He's only started running the ball back hard the last few games - and has even started supporting plays up the middle like a proper fullback should.
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