PRE-GAME Round 2 - Broncos vs Cowboys

Discussion in 'Brisbane Broncos Talk' started by Foordy, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. Kyall

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    I forgot about that but I should of been a penalty if it was a storm player it would hav been
  2. Looks like you'd have to call fumbling the ball an error plus another error in conceding a penalty for dissent. Still, fair stats.
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  3. I am not very confident about this game, we could have four ex Broncos players in Kahu, Opacic, Molo and McGuire playing their first game against the old club. Ex players seem to have their best game of the season against us.
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  4. Mitch06

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    Koroisau, Katoa, McInness and Farah to a lesser extent are all better and at the very least move the ball quicker.
  5. It looks like some of our members on here are spot on in their criticism of Boyds performance as their comments have been echoed in the media. I wouldn't be surprised to see a shake up from Seibold later on if Boyd and McCullough don't improve their standard. McCullough will maintain his standard but I feel as though Seibold is used to a more dynamic hooker and will demand more. With Lodge out I see us as very vulnerable so we will need better from Boyd and McCullough especially. I think there's a few others that will need to pick up but I have a feeling some of the team played their game before they got on the field. We'll definitely be better next week but I don't think it will be enough.
  6. Foordy


    If (and that's a big IF) you were going to replace Boyd at fullback, that is the swap that should be done. the other potential could be Roberts, the bit of extra space he would get at fullback could make him lethal.

    but I personally think that Boyd should stay there ATM.
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  7. JAHHW

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    I was waiting for someone to highlight this, well done.

    However, even Darren Lockyer saying Boyd needs to do more and / or improve on his efforts won’t be enough to change the minds of some on here (not saying you’re one of those posters). They’ll still defend Boyd and completely reject the notion that he is a large factor in our poor performances.

    But, I suppose, why would they? After all, what would a former fullback and captain of the Broncos know.
  8. Marty Deutschmann

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    You're a fool
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  9. Marty Deutschmann

    Marty Deutschmann NRL Player

    1 point win in this game
  10. Donald Garner

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    My biggest concern which I assume most people can see is how bad we are at being led around the park. I don’t think it’s all kodis fault either. Milford has to take some of the blame. These two have been working together for a couple of years now and we just look lost in attack half the time.

    I look at how well the Rabbits got into position last night in attack and how well they were led around the park. It’s only round 1 and they already just look miles ahead of us. I have this really bad feeling that the Nikorima / Milford combination will just be the same year in year out. Moments of brilliance during the season but when it comes to the pointy end and the good teams we will drop our bundle and be horrible.
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  11. Marty Deutschmann

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    So your issue with our player is he's not as good as arguably the best player in many's opinions ever we've seen in the game.
    My issue with Glenn is he isn't Sonny Bill, my issue with Milford is he's not as good a locky, issue with nikorima is he isn't Alfie, boyd isn't Slater..

    Wait, that was all meant in sarcasm but I genuinely believe that's how y'all think
  12. Thelmus

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    I think we need to look at how we got beaten in that game before we make changes. Considering we lost direction in kicking and leadership in the back line, a utility on the bench seems like a smart option. He can take advantage of the older tiring forwards the cowboys have.
    I would also be looking at sustained pressure. Fensom would be in my team and starting for his defence, whilst I would be looking to push Glenn to the bench to even out the spread of experience, provided fiffita works on his defence.
    Leave the others as they are for now, but work on the options around the middle in attack.
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  13. rnabokov

    rnabokov State of Origin Rep

    I am sure that how we all think is that without someone out in the middle to lead the forwards, and without someone with a good kicking game to keep the opposition under pressure,
    this year will be yet another of excuses for failure, irrespective of the enormous talent in our ranks.
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  14. Battler

    Battler NRL Captain

    Seibold won't change combinations and move players around until he can justify to the playing group that certain players aren't working in certain positions. If he just came in after Wayne and dropped Macca, moved Boyd (the captain) to wing, dropped Niko to the bench or trained him as a full time hooker, etc then it would have a huge impact on morale especially when most of the squad have openly stated how much they like Bennett.

    It's why he's said Niko needs to play like a half back and take control. Milf was doing everything a HB should be doing last year to the detriment of his game and the team's success. If Niko can't handle that he'll be gone. If Boyd is shit and Isaako is killing it (trial form and their performances in r1 suggest this will be the case) then he'll switch them.
  15. Lodge has taken the early guilty plea.

    I don't see why the Broncos wouldn't fight it. He had nothing to lose, he was going to be suspended for 2 games either way. The replay shows it wasn't as bad as it's made out to be.
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  16. Viti

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    For me that’s the job of the hooker, the hooker should be steering our forwards around and the halves should be organising the backs off of it.
  17. Lockysillegitimatechild

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    Agree... But it would be trial by media with lodge. There was a tackle in the warriors vs bulldogs game before that was much worse on a player in the air. Much more intent to hit the legs. It will not get cited
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  18. I assume there was something to lose, perhaps more loading points if he lost? Would've been risking more potential weeks on the sideline later in the season.
  19. Wolfie

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    I dont think we have a viable option to replace Macca. Boyd is a bit trickier. Issako is the obvious other option, but i still dont think he will cut it there personally. I'm still actually keen on seeing Bird at fullback. He was excellent there for the sharks.
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    Bird at fullback might be worth a try but we are a bit skinny for centres now that Jimmy is out. Are you saying that they should just do a straight swap with bird and boyd?

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