PRE-GAME Round 2 - Broncos vs Cowboys

Discussion in 'Brisbane Broncos Talk' started by Foordy, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. Wolfie

    Wolfie State of Origin Rep

    Carrigan doesnt really have the brain of a rookie tbh.
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  2. Not worried about him, just think the rest of he boys would benefit from having an experienced guy with them in the middle, probably Fensom.
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  3. So who are our starting props? If Lodge misses the game, who do we have? I know we have up and comers but we look fragile without Lodge. 0 and 2 to start the season is not what we want. Hopefully the old bull Taga kills it in the ISC and at least gives us one more experienced option at least. No, I didn't say pick him, just that a bench spot wouldn't be unreasonable if he performed and earned it.
    I'd say Fegler is going to see more time next week, possibly Carrigan to get included. If Carrigan is still held back we'll see Taga put the jersey on and score a double and if he does that we change the BHQ banner to a picture of Tagatese to honour his contribution to the best rugby league club in Queensland.
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  4. Splinter

    Splinter NRL Player

    Don’t know much about Paix but didn’t he play rep hooker last year in juniors. Maybe we should develop him as a hooker
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  5. I like you again now!
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  6. BroncsFan

    BroncsFan NRL Player

    Pretty sure Fensom is ahead of Taga so I'd expect to see him on the bench or maybe starting... with TPJ providing impact.

    A starting middle of Ofa, Fensom and Gillett doesn't give me with a lot of confidence though.
  7. Fensom isn't really a swap for Lodge. It's not like we have a battalion of genuine frontrowers. Taga's probably a long way behind now. He wasn't even named on the extended bench for the first game. Offa didn't offer much, if you'll forgive the pun, the other night. Would we really start with a real greenhorn? I just hope Taga sees a chance and has a blinder on the weekend or convinces Seibs to take a chance. Either way if it happened I'd hope he would do himself proud.
  8. Stix

    Stix NRL Player

    We're gonna get a bath if those three start.
  9. McHunt

    McHunt BRL Player

    My apologies. I must've got confused by our inability to get anywhere near their line for most of the game, and the amount we were utterly outclassed. That straight-out-the-back movement was sheer genius. Only a mastercoach could've prepared them for it.
  10. Kyall

    Kyall NRL Player

    Offa made 114 run meters had 29 tackles and got anyway some good offloads so that’s not too bad in my books. He did sit on the sidelines for a long time as well.
  11. Yes, probably overshadowed by Lodge so that might have had something to do with it. Fair stats. Any errors?
  12. Kyall

    Kyall NRL Player

    No errors so he done his share.
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  13. Mister Wright

    Mister Wright NRL Player

    That was poor coaching on Walters’ part. QLD we’re all over NSW for the first 30 mins. Then Macca goes off and we have 2 tries scored against us. Watch again, and see how effective Macca was of getting forwards going, giving the halves the ball and great kicking game. We weren’t the same force when Hunt replaces him. We were lucky to get the win in the end. That was the day I ended wanting Walters as our coach, because he seems way to stuck in pre-game plans and not coaching the game for what is happening in the middle.
  14. Cult3

    Cult3 State of Origin Captain

    Offa had no errors?
  15. abashii

    abashii NRL Player

    Well obviously losing the ball close to the Storm's line then yelling at the ref until he got penalised doesn't count.
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  16. Tom

    Tom NRL Captain

    Would have been pissed off too. Hand clearly all over the ball. And that's the smile of a prick who knows he got away with cheating.


  17. abashii

    abashii NRL Player

    Maybe, but regardless the refs aren't going to change their mind and yelling just gets them offside. And by giving away a penalty he stopped us even getting the chance to pin the Storm in on their own line. Hopefully Joe can learn from that.
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  18. winslow_wong

    winslow_wong State of Origin Captain

    What’s pat mago doing? Is he injured? Seems to be well down the pecking order but did a good job last season off the bench
  19. Sirlee oldman

    Sirlee oldman QCup Player

    If anyone moves to fullback it should be Bird. Put Boyd in the centres and leave Isaako on the wing. Isaako needs to go looking for work and get involved more on kick returns but he can do that from the wing and Bird is more experienced and a better ball player at fullback.
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