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The True King

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Sione Matuatia has to be one of the worst edge defenders in the competition.

How he managed to play for the Australian team a few years back is completely beyond me.


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Yep, not that shocking. This team is super young with no captain.
More referring to recent history. We can never put away the shit teams. We always play better generally against good-great sides, ordinary-to-terrible against the shit ones.

Titans will always win a game, Knights, Dogs, Tigers or Parra will always win regardless of where they are on the ladder

Big Pete

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Can we blame him for anything at the broncos ?
Lockyer's media career.

I kid, the past coach deserves a share of the blame but as time goes on others have to accept some level of responsibility. When the war of the words erupted last year, it all started because Wayne corrected a journalist on his line of questioning. He didn't leave the club in that bad a state, the coaches that followed only contributed to the problem and neither actually built on the positives that Wayne established.

I could go on all day really, but the one point that gets lost in the discussion is the state Newcastle were in before Tinkler. They weren't exactly one of the premiere teams in the competition and had been on the downward trend since 2003.

Big Pete

International Captain
This is a 2 team competition, and it's incredibly damaging for the game.
The scary thing is that it's been the same two teams for the past three years.

The Cowboys may have been the official runners up in 2017, but Sydney were clearly the second best team for the bulk of the season and only lost their way when Robbo went ultra conservative in the finals.

It's easy to forget, but he had Matterson and Aubusson in the centres in place of Latrell and Manu.
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