[Rumour] Norman to walk away from Eels


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I ran into Corey Norman last night at GPO hotel in the valley. He was there with the usual crew (Anderson, reedy, hunt, etc) and I hit him up about whether he was leaving or staying and he said he is definitely going. Take that with a grain of salt though I suppose, I certainly wouldn't be the first person he'd tell if he was backing out of his eels contract.


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Re: Corey Norman to walk away from lucrative Eels Deal.

its more of a loop hole than a rule, after round 13 contracts are registered for the following season.

Norman will be at parra.
It's not a loop hole, it's a clause the clubs voted for it when they got rid of the June 30 deadline. They wanted a cooling off period. Some managers do request it be removed from contracts.

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