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Discussion in 'State of Origin 2013' started by ningnangnong, Jul 17, 2013.

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    Ah NRL, quite possibly the only professional sport where you can call the ref a cheating harmichael and get absolutely no sanction for it
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    He isn't just the best in the Tigers pack, he's been one of the best in the NRL over the last 2 years. He's like McGuire in the sense that he plays better the more minutes he gets, and can often play the entire 80.

    I guess Merrin failed in Origin at the start too, maybe Woods still has a chance.
  3. Anonymous person

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    woods is slow as shit though, and thats suicide at origin level. good at nrl, bad at origin.
    Aaron Woods is only 22, expecting him to perform at this level is silly.

    Remind me again how Parker and Scott went on their debuts?
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  4. Alec

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    Yeah, I think he'll get better with age...provided they actually pick him again after a horrible display this year.

    I don't think it was the speed that did him, he just had no impact in his runs. Ran for less than 5 metres a run in Game 3, and not much better in game 2.

    No NSW prop has really been consistently good in a long time though, with the exception of Paul Gallen.
  5. LittleDavey83

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    I'll have some more thoughts on this game after I've watched the full replays - been through the first half tonight and geez we were totally dudded by the officials. Mostly Hayne. Especially that last 5-6mins, after Tate made that break and we had them on the back foot against the run of play, and Cronk threw a SLIGHTLY forward pass from dummy half, which made the penalty count 2-4.

    First tackle, Merrin loses the ball cold as he's getting up - penalty count 2-5.

    2 mins later Boyd grounds with his finger. We're out on our feet, just hanging on...

    1min later, 37th min, Fifita loses the ball on the 5th tackle while trying to play it 8m out from our line - penalty count 2-6 FFS!

    Third set in a row on our line, and again they **** it up - luckily.

    Along with their 10m = 10m and our 10m = 12-14m (have pics) - thanks Hayne. Not to mention we'd been pinged for 2x high tackles (Inglis and Teo) but missed 2x penalties where WE were hit high (Hodges and McQueen).

    Oh, and Bird's 'penalty' for losing the ball 1.5 seconds after Hayne called 'held'...immediately after which (1 tackle) they scored, BUT only because Thurston was taken out so Inglis and Boyd had to hesitate, creating space out wide. Granted, our tackles should still have stuck and McManus should never have scored that, but the fact remains we had a player taken out by a decoy which impacted on our defensive line.

    All in all, **** bullshit!!

    Oh, and does Hodges get a game off for touching Hayne's arse when offering to buy him a beer?? Thaiday got sat out for a game for touching a ref...

    Oh again - did Maloney get hit with a shoulder charge, judiciary charge, for his bullshit hit on Cronk?

    FMD!/end rant :blushing:
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  6. My son and I flew over for this game and it was absolutely incredible to be there to witness the win against the odds

    The atmosphere was amazing

    On a related but slightly different topic, the reason we went to this game was we could not get tickets to game 2 in Brisbane

    I attempted to buy tickets the very minute they went on sale but still couldn't get 2 seats next to each other - only singles left

    This to me suggests that heaps of tickets must have been sold prior to actually going on sale

    Is there a pre-release of tickets to club members or something?

    Living in Adelaide I have never worried about club membership
  7. Anonymous person

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    it was an absolute joke - only 5000 tickets were available to the general public. yes, you read that right - five thousand. out of 52 thousand. those 5000 tickets were all behind the goal posts too, and all were ridiculously overpriced.

    the rest were all reserved for people with club memberships, corporates, and QLD/NSW memberships.

    completely unacceptable, but i wouldnt count on it going back to the "first in best dressed" method any time soon unfortunately.

    like you, i was there on the very second they went on sale, as was my brother and sister on 2 other computers. "best available tickets" landed us in the second last row on the top level, behind the goal posts. out of the 3 of us, i was the only person that was even able to get ANY tickets.
  8. I have no issues with Broncos, Qld and Suncorp Stadium members first pick. I think it's more than fair to be honest.

    I do have a huge issue with the prices for the general public tickets. $120+ for the top rows on level 7 behing the goals is absolutely ridiculous! On the other hand, people pay and Origin sells out every time, so why would they lower the prices? :001_unsure:
  9. I have a massive problem with there only being 5000 tickets available to the General public, I think that's **** disgraceful actually.

    Of course members should have priority, but not for 90% of the **** stadium along with the suits (who I bet are a bunch of rah rah snobs only there for the spectacle anyway).
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  10. Anonymous person

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    i have no problem with that.

    i do have a problem with literally 90% of the tickets being reserved though, which is what it was. it wasnt just broncos/qld/suncorp, it was all NRL teams had tickets reserved.

    just to reiterate - there were only 5000 tickets available to the general public. 5000 out of 52000
  11. That ratio is just outrageous

    Average fan doesn't stand a chance
  12. Where do you get this information from AP? (about 5000 tickets only)
  13. Anonymous person

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    QRL guy on the radio confirmed it, also read it somewhere around when they got announced for sale.
  14. Well, with 30K+ memberships for the Broncos added to the Suncorp Stadium and QRL memberships, it's not impossible to get up to the 45K tickets already. Add the sponsors and suits for another 2K... It's not unrealistic.

    How would you suggest this be solved?
  15. Not locking up 45,000 tickets when there is only one game. Do it for one game when we have two.
  16. Why shouldn't members have priority?
  17. Anonymous person

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    first in best dressed general admission for 90% of tickets, first in best dressed of the members for the other 10%.

    not everyone who is a member should get a guaranteed origin ticket if they do decide they want it. just because youre a broncos member shouldnt mean you have more of a right to a QLD vs NSW state of origin match than someone whos not a broncos member.

    it would be completely solved by having all of 0% of the tickets reserved, and 100% available to the general public.

    why *should* they?
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  18. Because that's one of the perks of the membership people pay for!

    That's how it works everywhere else in the world, where stadiums who host rep games, offer them in advance to their members and to the members who calls the stadium their "home", which sometimes is one and the same thing.

    Want to be assured of Origin tickets? Get a membership, be it Broncos or QRL if you don't support the Broncos. You can get the tickets with the membership, or you can just pay to support your team and/or state and have the right to get guaranteed tickets when the time comes. You then only need to make sure you order the tickets on the day you have in advance of the general public.

    If you're a Suncorp Stadium member, you keep your seat anyway, as you should!

    What I wouldn't agree with, is Broncos members taking tickets away from QRL members, but as of now, that isn't happening yet.
  19. Jeba

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    Agree with Porthoz 1000%. Members pay good money to support the game so they should of course get priority over those that don't. What I think they should've done was give members a priority window for say a couple of weeks and when that window closes, all remaining tickets then go on sale to the public. Instead they kept trying to sell those maroon memberships.

    And to charge $40 extra for the privilege of getting tickets early was a joke.

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