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Discussion in 'State of Origin 2013' started by ningnangnong, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. mieko

    mieko QCup Player

    Yeah he fired up hey. Probably something along the lines of "FFS, we paid you enough, what's doing ya muppet"
  2. Kaz

    Kaz State of Origin Captain

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  3. mieko

    mieko QCup Player

    that is a very good side. I'm sure A.Reynolds will get his shot next year and McManus should keep his spot.

    true on the Maloney Baloney, he is such a barbecuer
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  4. Culhwch

    Culhwch QCup Player

    I's love to know what Fifita said as well, and I can't quite work it out given the context. I'd suggest that it was something about disallowing the try, said in a tone or phrased in such a way that made it a directive rather than a question, and with a heap of colourful language just to make it even more disrespectful.
  5. bb_gun

    bb_gun NRL Player


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  6. Culhwch

    Culhwch QCup Player

    Looks a bit like Laurie Daley in that photo. Maybe that's what Fifita pointed out. If that was the case I'd be pissed, too.
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  7. No, it's quite obvious Fifita said "that guy has a better tan than you".
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  8. Giving yourself away... :001_tt2:
  9. Dexter


    Agree Pearce was disappointing, even the streaker had a bigger crack.:winky:
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  10. Broncoman

    Broncoman State of Origin Rep

    Surely Adam Reynolds would be under consideration strongly. I like Mitchell Pearce and he is a good player without a doubt for the Roosters but its confirmed to me that he is one of those blokes that are good club players but can't make the next step.
  11. Anonymous person

    Anonymous person Banned User

    well we're certainly not winning it lol. id love to see smith captain back to back premierships and origin series wins. probably never been done before.
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  12. LittleDavey83

    LittleDavey83 NRL Player

    I'd love to see DCE in the #7 alongside Thursto next year. He's ready, and it would not surprise me to see him with the captaincy one day. Cronk is still good, don't get me wrong, but I'd love to see him in his old roving role.

    Bring back the big blokes - Scott/Hannant to start, Myles/Parker/Thaiday backrow, McGuire, Papa and McQueen on the bench with Cronk. We'd be unstoppable...

    In the longer term, without Hodges/Tate - Chambers/Lee in the centres, Gagai a close runner-up - YY possibly if he can get back enough. Folau if applicable! Slater to wing, Boyd on the other and GI to FB. Barba needs to be blooded at some point too, he's also potentially a cornerstone of the years to come, but where to squeeze him in? Srama/Friend as hooker when Smith calls it a day.

    Future looks good for both teams - NSW's younger guys will stand up, I have no doubt about that. QLD's are solid too, and although not yet the quality of Thursto/Smith/Slater it's still looking pretty damn good with the likes of DCE and Barba.
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  13. Alec

    Alec International Rep

    We are looking better than NSW in key areas even after the big players retire. DCE in the halves is far better than anyone they have coming through. Inglis will play fullback for a while, and I reckon Milford might take over from him in the future if Canberra keeps him there. Friend/Srama at hooker. Possibly Segeyaro off the bench. Who do they have? Mitch Rein?

    I think we are pretty set for backs too, Gagai, Lee...hopefully Yow Yeh returns strongly too. Boyd will still be around for a while.

    The forwards are a bit of a worry though. Matt Scott still has another 5 or 6 years in him at least. Papalli looks a better prospect than any NSW back rower.

    After that, well, let's hope McGuire ends up being more like Parker in Origin, and less like Woods. NSW has some real guns coming through in the forwards though.
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  14. vertigo

    vertigo NRL Captain

    I had to check his age, only 28 but looks well into his 30s lol.
  15. Alec

    Alec International Rep

    Forgot Nate Myles, I think he's 28 too.
  16. broncos4life

    broncos4life International Rep

    McGuire is nothing like woods, woods is a myth. I'm a bit perplexed that people are so surprised that he was useless in origin, I mean yes he is the best forward in the tigers pack, but that not exactly hard
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  17. If Hollywood Harrigan was refereeing Fifita would have gone for a break for sure. Not sure what he said but Hollywood doesn't pull any punches.
  18. Yeah, there's no doubt Fifita used one of 2 naughty C words.... the really naughty one and the one that rhymes with beat.
  19. Morkel


    He said that the Chubby bloke had a big Caveat?
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    If he was referring to the chubby bloke he was obviously talking about himself.
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