NEWS Walters' final shot at Broncos job

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    Well Kevvy has the support of all the 40+ year old facebook mums
  2. LOL, I was going to say "Drink more water" but someone beat me to it :)
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    Well is that because your kidneys are...stoned?

    *I'm showing myself out*
    I've been impressed with Walters' decision making as a coach.

    Hasn't been afraid of making tough decisions when warranted, but at the same time hasn't gotten ahead of himself. He could have lost the plot after Game II and blooded more guys but most of them weren't ready and the players he stuck with were great.

    I enjoy his style of play. Very up-tempo with plenty of ball movement and structures that allow his more potent players to shine. I don't think Freddy out-coached him, I just think he had the better cattle and they came up big when they needed to.

    The only blemish on his record is his stint in France. It's difficult to know what happened there in his second year in charge and would be worth investigating. On the face of it, it seems like an outlier or even something that could be written off as a culture shock. Besides, that was 8 years ago, I expect the 2020 version of Coach Walters to be better than the 2010 version.
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    If the QRL allowed Walters to coach the Broncos and Queensland that could be helpful with recruitment. Surely the QRL want the Broncos to be successful. That's the only positive I can see here. Remember that he's also quit on us before.
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    The tough decision like dumping Slater, and then because we lost bringing him back the game after?
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    The tough decision like black-listing all the shits who broke curfew, and sticking by it even when we were down on troops. Took balls, many other coaches would have panicked and opted for short term results at the expense of long term culture improvement.
  7. "Hunt, Napa, Milford, Jarrod Wallace, Edrick Lee and Chris Grevsmuhl join Cameron Munster and Valentine Holmes"

    There are deadset two names there that mean anything in Rugby League, both of which are more than replaceable. It wasn't a tough decision, don't give him credit where it isn't due. The media blew that up, and the media's darling coach did exactly what they asked of him.
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    I get the feeling he is more suited to Rep coaching rather than club coaching, a bit like Mal.
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    6 of those 8 have been part of our Origin side, so even if they've been "replaceable", they've been necessary for one reason or another since that time.

    If you recall, Cronk went down for Game 2, and at that time Milford, Hunt and Munster were pretty much the next 3 in line. In the end Walters went with DCE, who was not only on the nose with pretty much everyone, but had already been used by Queensland and put on one of the most gutless displays in history.
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    6 of them have gone on to play for Queensland and 4 for Australia, yeah ! there no names .
  11. That was 2015 when Mal was coach.
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    You're right. Well I remember there was some issues with the team that year that looked to test Walters' fortitude on the bans. Enough to have us on here watching closely anyway.
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    That's right. Cronk was in doubt for one of the games, and they'd flown in DCE as cover. Once again, Milford and Hunt were both on fire at that point (pre-2016 slump when they were the NRL's #1 and #2 form halves), and even if Morgan was ultimately to be chosen as the replacement, a bench utility spot was open.

    On top of that, with Slater and one other backline player out, Holmes and Munster would have been in for a real shot. They went with Gagai, Oates (who ultimately were good decisions), and **** Justin O'Neil. Gross.
  14. 2016 was set to be a transitional year, players such as Holmes, Napa & Hunt (especially in Game 3 where Kevie opted for four forwards) were going to come in while the others would have been apart of the squad. All of those plans had to be shelved and Kevie had to make do with what he had.

    2017 he sticks largely with the side and gives players like Oates, O'Neil, Myles, Thaiday, Guerra and Lillyman an opportunity to play on after their successful stint last series. When it doesn't pan out, he makes all the right changes with Holmes, Slater, J. Wallace, Cooper, Glasby & Hess coming into get the job done. Munster then comes into the decider and Queensland take one of their hardest fought series.

    2018, after losing the series he could have easily lost the plot and just started blooding a bunch of rookies for the 'future' like NSW were prone to do, but instead made rational selections. Shifted Hunt to a dummy half role which he's far more effective at in rep. level and brought in DCE. That was an unpopular decision at the time as many felt Cherry-Evans was persona non-grata but despite the negative media attention, DCE played his best game of the season for Queensland.

    I've also enjoyed the way the team have played under him. The way he was able to bring guys like Slater, Munster and Val into the game and his focus on playing up-tempo is the brand I like. The only real doubt is over his defensive coaching, Queensland have put in some soft performances under his tenure, which definitely affects his chances of becoming a Broncos coach.
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  15. He's here all week.....try the veal
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  16. I think i read that the QRL don't want a shared coach and will release him if he gets the Bronco gig
  17. Did I say they were no names? They are nothing players, making up the numbers, and absolutely nothing special, and a decent coach wouldn't lose sleep over it.
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    I think Slater would've been out and Boyd at fullback... resulting in Oates on the wing. You'd think Val was next in line there.

    Munster was also playing the house down as Slater's sub in Melbourne.

    I seem to recall the forwards being pretty short as well with Napa likely being the replacement. He was then picked immediately the next year. Might've been Gavin Cooper's debut??

    Did we also lose a center?? Because Justin O'Neill was in the team also.

    I do recall us being hit pretty hard with injuries that year
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    You're right, Chambers suffered a long term injury before the series and wouldn't be back until around the finals. O'Neil was the best candidate for the role and was in career best form for the Cowboys.

    Context is key with that Emerging Squad. Milford & Hunt were considered the best halves combination in the game, Napa seemed ready made for Origin and the perfect replacement for Myles. And Grevsmuhl was one of the better forward prospects coming through until he started acting up off the field.

    I don't think the punishment themselves were ballsy, but it was just another factor Kev had to deal with that made the victory in 2017 that much sweeter.
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