NEWS Wayne Bennett hits Brisbane Broncos with $400k claim

Discussion in 'Brisbane Broncos Talk' started by Gaz, Dec 21, 2018.

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    You are forgiven but don't do it again. Not least because you are wasting your time. I got to the second paragraph, once again saw it was completely off topic and didn't read anymore. I hope it was fulfilling for you, whatever it was. Aside from that, my username is "Eta Carinae", not "Eta Reyter". In future, also address me by my username. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

    Yep. All the leaks coming out from Souffs, all the media reports in New Ltd and Fairfax and the absence of denials from any of the parties involved tell us nothing! You are right. WB is the messiah, Seibold is a Souffs reject and the entire Broncos board, CEO and others should be dragged out of the joint and shot in the car park for the heinous crime of deciding a young Souffs reject was a better choice for head coach going forward.

    Happy now?
  2. Oh Reyter, why you not just be a normal person who isn't a wanker on the internet? You know you're not allowed 2 accounts here? Pull your head in.
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  3. No worries, from here on in your name is troll. Thanks troll.
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    That was a typo. My username is "Eta Carinae" and I don't have 2 accounts and as you can see, I have consistently refrained from personal attacks and tried to keep the thread on topic despite the best efforts of @lynx000@lynx000 and @Huge@Huge but finally I became annoyed with them.
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    What the hell is going on??? My username is "Eta Carinae"!
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    My username is "Eta Ca.rinae"
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    You protest too much.
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    LOL @ Nashy!
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    This is great.
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  10. That's pretty excellent tbh.
  11. You have a choice, exercise your right.
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  12. Oh we know.

    Your username is ETA Carinae
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  14. If not for this thread I would be so bored at work :)
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    If Reyter is allowed back can't we give O'Dowd another chance too?
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    Yes, but only if he makes his username ETA Reyter.
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  17. Me too. Bored shitless here. Even found myself wandering over to the Cesspool I'm that bored.
  18. Are you not entertained?
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    I don't even think he's on Twitter anymore
    I want AP back.

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