What are your cooked NRL ideas?

How do you guys feel about the whole falcon rule? Should it just be a knock on?
Isnt this a thing Joey Johns seriously wants implemented? Blokes done one too many eccies i reckon.

I dunno, but it would make players improve their tackling techniques and i doubt we get the injuries we get.
**** man i cant get behind it.
Might as well just get the players to wear little tags you rip off instead of tackling them.

Doesnt have to be. We have 3 men in the tackle now and you still get games where its like touch footy. You dont need 3 blokes to bring another down. 2 men in a tackle doesnt have to mean no tacking of physicality.

Like @BroncsFan just mentioned, blokes like Gilly didnt have issues and i reckon it would get rid of the wrestle. Probably make the game less defensive, but i dont think thats a bad thing.

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