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    Yea sorry Simpkin is a hooker but they have deardon ,paix ,boyd , josh james , osullivan , and a few more but i am not sure if they have resigned
  2. No surprise. Seems our recruitment strategy is to go hard for positions we are weak in, our forwards seem to be on point at the moment but we are weak in the halves so we are focusing on that position. Wing will be the next focus point, well backs in general.
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    Tom Opacic is shit.
    Well he's gone now.
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  4. Did anyone else watch the Hastings Deering Colts Grand Final?

    Stream For Those Who Are Interested:

    Broncos: #3 (Brock Diment), #5 (Jack Paterson), #6 (Gerome Burns), #7 (Cory Paix), #8 (Ethan Bullemor), #9 (Kobe Hetherington) and #12 (Jordan Riki) in action. Tell me if I'm missing anyone.

    My take on the game is that nobody could have dreamed of a perfect start for Norths. The Blackhawks were guilty of cheap turn-overs which gave the Devils prime field position and they made the most of it. Most of the Norths tries were fairly simple with the exception of Horne's which came off the back of a superb offload from Knights recruit Watene.

    The Blackhawks eventually worked their way into the contest, but the Devils defence in the second half proved too strong. That fringe of Riki, Paix, Diment & Easthope read everything and the scramble was second to none. Eventually the Devils got an opportunity late in the second half and they didn't make any mistakes.

    Of the lot, Hetherington was the stand-out of the Broncos contingent. The Devils largely played through the Blackhawks and it was Kobe's service and ability to call the spots that gave Norths the early ascendancy.

    I'm not sure if he'll remain at the club, but Burns did some good things. His short kicking game was effective and while his long distance kicking game mostly left a lot to be desired, it was his 40/20 attempt that swung the game late in the 2nd half.

    Finally, is Bullemor made out of rubber? The defence struggled to get a hold of him and he kept bouncing out of tackles. Defensively he could tighten things, but with the football he's good old fashioned prop.

    The only disappointment was Paix. I've always been under the impression he's a game manager who leads the team around and moves the ball into places on the field he wants to attack from. I certainly saw glimpses of him handling the football, but he went missing and took poor options. I was concerned earlier in the year when he was selected at #9 for Queensland, I'm even more concerned now after watching this.
  5. Does anyone recognise him? I swear I’ve seen him around the Broncos and playing QLD cup.

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    Yes indeed, thought the same of Tanah Boyd to some extent and he also seems to have gone off the radar to a certain extent. Anyone have any news.
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    Yea they seem to be all over Tom Deardon at the moment, Paix for me has been out of form for a while now and he probably should have been 18th man in that Queensland team , Tanar Boyd has just come back from a shoulder injury half way through the season so I would expect him to be better next season
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    Good news. Got some time for that young bloke.
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    Yea have heard he going to Wynnum this year with Jake Simpkin to try andform a combination between them
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    It's just a loaf of bread, man.
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    Suitikilolo Breadman.
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    if he is in the pram, they are really signing them early
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    will any of the young forward talent follow wayne to the rabbits? i want to see fifita, haas, fai, and su'a all in the same forward rotation
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    Fai? Is he still in the Broncos plans? He seems to have slipped down the order quite a bit.
  15. Think he had the most tackle busts in Q Cup, worth a fair crack at NRL to see if he can step up.
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    I dont think he is going to get it at the Broncos, there have been a few issues with him, but a new coach may just decide to wipe the slate clean.
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    maguire's money should keep them all here now
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    Dunno where to put this, but I saw this on facebook just earlier, an article about Hunt talking about some of his struggles before leaving the NRL. It's still a bit crazy remembering how he made his debut at 17, and left at what, 21? 22? And he was pretty much our 2nd most important player in the last couple of seasons. Sometimes we push for kids making NRL early on, but it can be a real negative, that fame and pressure can really get to you. Hopefully guys like Haas and Fifita can handle it better.
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    Flagler jumps the queue?

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