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    Fensom is a capable player who gives 100% all of the time. If that rubs off on TPJ and others he’s worth every cent. Hopefully he’ll get enough game time to do just that. He won’t let us down.
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    He is on our website so I’m assuming he is
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    Assume whatever you like but there’s a story on the website dated 7/12 with a list of our squad members and he’s not on it.
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    I like Fensom. He’s had some injuries but he’s still capable of contributing and seems like a good bloke to have around the team.
    I have been wondering why we would sign another middle forward though and the only reason I can think of is that he’s a replacement for Myles Taueli. Obviously Myles is entitled to due process but maybe the Broncos management think his sacking is inevitable so they have snapped up Fensom. Just a thought.
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    I'm aware it's only a moment in time, but Staggs has dark rings under his eyes and looks troubled in this pic.
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    Jack Bird, Darius Boyd, Patrick Carrigan, Troy Dargan, Thomas Dearden, George Fai, Shaun Fensom, David Fifita, Thomas Flegler, Matt Gillett, Alex Glenn, Payne Haas, Jamayne Isaako, Jordan Kahu, Matthew Lodge, Patrick Mago, Andrew McCullough, Anthony Milford, Kodi Nikorima, Corey Oates, Joe Ofahengaue, Sean O’Sullivan, Tevita Pangai Junior, James Roberts, Andre Savelio, Gehamat Shibasaki, Kotoni Staggs, Jaydn Su’A, Sam Tagataese, Myles Taueli, Jake Turpin. Coach: Anthony Seibold
    Anthony Seibold wants to bring a title to Brisbane in 2019.
    What needs work?: Anthony Seibold has precious little time to put his stamp on the Broncos after taking up the job a month into pre-season. He will need all the time he can get to revive their attack and prepare a replacement for Josh McGuire. His work will need to be covered in the middle.
    Talking point: After all the trouble it took to get him to the Broncos, can Seibold deliver them a title?
    March 2, 6.30pm
    v Titans at Cbus Super Stadium
    Round 1
    March 14, 7.50pm
    v Storm at AAMI Park

    Source: Foxsports
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    He looks exhausted, from training... Are you being **** serious right now?
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    My maths is terrible but I count 31 players on that list. Is that allowed?
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    Turpin doesn't need to be in the top 30. 31-36 development players can play freely this year too after June 30 if he doesn't get in the top 30.
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    Some will officially be on the developmental players list. I'm guessing Turpin is one.

    They are allowed to train with the top 30 squad, and can be selected after the June 30 deadline.
  13. Plus, there's confusion surrounding Dearden's place in the top 30. Originally NRL.com listed Dearden as an official member before his name was pulled, seemingly at the Broncos behest. Despite this, his profile remained on the official website, causing websites like FoxSports to report him as a member of the squad.

    If he's found guilty, I'd be surprised if Taueli remains in the top 30.
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    Hell yeah! This is a heaps better pre-season discussion than (player x) is too fat.I agree, the picture is very telling. It seems something is eating away at the very core of his soul. He has been looking for something his whole life but is no closer to finding it than when he began looking. He doesn't even know what it is, or if it's really there. Fortunately for him Wayne Benn...err Anthony Seibold is an excellent man-manager who will guide him through these rough times and help him find it.
  15. Are you training to be a journo?
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    You'd look like that too if his cousin had your contact details
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    Maybe he just found out Bird is the other centre.
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    Matt Gillett has returned to Broncos training looking healthier than ever as he declares he will be fit to return to the paddock for Round 1.
    After undergoing off-season shoulder surgery, the 30-year-old Test second-rower dropped almost 10 kilograms and endured an intense weightlifting program to regain his bulk to begin contact work.
    The Broncos returned to training under new coach Anthony Seibold on Monday, with Gillett still sporting the red ‘no contact’ vest as he awaits clearance following surgery and the neck injury that kept him sidelined from Round 5 in 2018.

    Gillett was photographed on November 8 looking a shadow of his former self, but he appeared at training on Monday, almost two months later, having bulked back up to his original frame.


    “It has been a long time on the sideline watching but I have been able to spend time with family and refresh the body,” said Gillett, who backed himself to not only be fit for March’s NRL season opener but also play a trial.
    “In a way it has been perfect timing to get that rest for a year and hit the ground running this year — I am pretty eager to get back out there.”
    Gillett’s 2018 season ended abruptly when it was revealed he fractured his neck in the opening round but played another four games before the serious injury was diagnosed.


    He also underwent a shoulder reconstruction to treat an ongoing complaint.
    “It might take a little bit to get myself back to the level I was playing at but nothing is going to change mentally for me with the way I play my football,” he said.
    Gillett looked forward to tightening up a Brisbane defence that conceded 500 points last year — the 11th worst in the league.
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    he's fat now

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    The 11th worst? Or the 11th best? Because the 11th worst doesn't sound as bad as what I was watching.

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