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  1. 1910

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    The dressingroom at fan day was set up at Lang Park by Matt the same as it is on game day to show people what it looks like.

    It’s his team!
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  2. ivanhungryjak

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    So, Round One team confirmed then. Haha!
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    Haha! Seibs will reluctantly name the team at the required time and not a second before.
    Matt Gillett set up the dressing room? What?
  4. Gaz

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    I'm expecting big things this year if he’s settled.
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    No love for patty magoo? He seems to have dropped off the pecking order. Sad face
  6. I'm surprised that you think WB decides how much people get paid. Managing a salary cap is a huge job and in the past when clubs have been in trouble for being over the cap is hasn't been the coach who is responsible. The coach may tell others he wants a player but I'd be very surprised if managing the salary cap was part of a coaches duties.
  7. upthebroncs

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    I hope Lockyer doesn't help make any decisions. He has been messing around with the QLD side way too much.
  8. What do you mean?
  9. JAHHW

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    Just like this bloke had no idea...?
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  10. ESPECIALLY since this guy. Do you think procedures would not have been very closely scrutinised since then? Like I wrote, I'm surprised.
  11. JAHHW

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    I certainly hope they have been scrutinised, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the inept NRL had managed to fluff that up too.

    But that aside, I’d be more surprised if coaches didn’t know what their players are being paid.

    Manage the salary cap? Probably not. But have an understanding of what players are being paid? Absolutely.

    Coaches, by nature, are control freaks. I just can’t imagine they don’t in some capacity have their fingers in every pie of their football club.
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  12. broncos4life

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    Yeah, because if there is one thing the NRL is known for it is learning from there mistakes and not repeating them...
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  13. Mmm, you have a pessimistic view about everything, finding negatives everywhere you look. I tend to have a middle of the road outlook thinking that sometimes things get better and sometimes not. I'm not quite to the stage of being a total optimist because that's not the reality but I'm not doom and gloom as a default. By the way, it's their.
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  14. I never argued that coaches know nothing at all about their players rather I stated that they don't control the club's salary cap. They may have an understanding but really, isn't their wage private between the employee and employer? Why would a coach know? It's not how it's done in other businesses is it? No, I suspect that most coaches in 2019 would only have a ball park number for his top ranked players and a good idea about the lowest tier as minimums etc are well known.
  15. I bleed Maroon

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    The only thing Bellyache knows how to do is scare the ever loving shit out of his players enough so they play better than they really are. When it comes to salary cap and coaching a brand of footy that is both entertaining and competitive, he hasn't got a clue.
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  16. broncos4life

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    I actually have a fairly optimistic view on most things FWIW. When I do take a pessimistic view it is when I see the same thing over and over. I probably wouldn’t hold this view about the NRL if we stopped seeing salary cap cheating time and again. Or any number of negative things within the game repeating themselves.

    Besides all this my pessimistic view has nothing to do with my post or with this discussion, so discuss the post and not the poster.
  17. JAHHW

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    You’ve asked a lot of questions but I’m not sure why. You’ve pretty much agreed with what I said, but just used different words to say it.
  18. No, I didn't agree with your initial statements about WB giving out money and your comment about WB's actions and how you were glad he wasn't here to do that. Basically accused him of some sort of crime and then inferred if he were still here he'd be doing that. Doesn't matter, think what you like about WB but he's gone and slagging him off, cheap shots aren't really warranted.
  19. JAHHW

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    Think you might be losing your mind old fella, I said and / or inferred literally none of that...
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