2019 Broncos Line-up

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    Myles Taueli is about that height, but it doesn't sound like him from the description
  2. Sirlee oldman

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    I agree with this squad but would play Offa at lock and TPJ in the front row.
  3. Browny

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    We have a winner
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  4. upthebroncs

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    Would be good for us. Seibolds kind of hooker.
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  5. Bronco4life

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    [https://www] GOLDCOASTBULLETIN.COM.AU ›


    Keebra Park product Tanah Boyd and Palm Beach Currumbin’s Tom Dearden set for gripping intra-Broncos rivalry

    DECEMBER 07, 2018

    TWO of the Gold Coast’s best ever halfback talents are set to continue their schoolboy rivalry into a potential battle for the coveted Broncos No.7 jersey.
    Tanah Boyd has long been touted as a star of the future.
    Last year, he guided Keebra Park to the NRL Schoolboy Cup national championship before graduating into the Brisbane NRL system. He spent 2018 playing at various levels for Souths Logan Magpies, including a brace of Intrust Super Cup appearances.
    Also in the Broncos’ production line is Tom Dearden, who comes from the archrival of Boyd’s Keebra Park, Palm Beach Currumbin.
    Dearden captained the Reds to national championship glory this year, earning the Peter Sterling Medal along the way for his playmaking prowess.
    [https://cdn]Tom Dearden. Picture: Jerad Williams
    He is now in the United Kingdom on tour with the Australian Schoolboys and will next year follow in Boyd’s footsteps on the development pathway.
    The Broncos have not had a superstar halfback since Allan Langer retired in 2002 – but they could have two future ones on their hands at a time when the club is undergoing a facelift led by Anthony Seibold’s replacement of long-time coach Wayne Bennett.
    “It’s a competitive sport … challenging against each other you are going to get the best out of them,” said Keebra coach Glen Campbell.
    “You’ll see no doubt both of those boys will get to the NRL somewhere, whether it be the Broncos or somewhere else.”
    PBC mentor Aaron Zimmerle said both teens had plenty of assets going for them.
    “I don’t know Tanah that personally but I just see how meticulously he prepares, how physically fit he is,” Zimmerle said.
    [https://cdn]Tanah Boyd. Picture: Adam Head
    “He’s someone that is professional already even if not by definition of how much he earns but just by the way he approaches the game and Tommy is exactly that.
    “Tommy is a perfectionist. His greatest gift is he just strives to be better at everything he does.
    “The thing I think that is so exciting is the halves are key to any team’s success and there is a steady pathway of halves that go onto the NRL but there’s only a few that become the elite halves.
    “There is only probably four or five that can win you an NRL premiership and Cooper Cronk proved that last year.
    “These two (Boyd and Dearden), because they are at the top of the tree in their own age groups and so forth, they potentially with the right development could become one of those players.”

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    "I’ve just returned from six weeks training in Orange County, California, preparing for pre-season. Most of it was power-based training with a strong emphasis on my speed and agility. Each day, athletes from different sports would rock up – ex-NFL players, combat fighters"

    That's an excellent initiative by TPJ, and one of the many reasons he will be a monster this year. But he also needs to be a little careful. Those sports are well known PED badlands. A lot of good can be learnt, obviously, but the opposite also true.
  7. Pub Steak

    Pub Steak NYC Player

    Has anyone else considered Lodge for lock? He’s got a huge engine and showed he has a great passing game before Wayne reigned him in too. I think he’s one of our best front rowers too but reckon he’d excel in lock.
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  8. Kyall

    Kyall NRL Player

    He’s the best prop we have had in a while don’t try and fix what’s not broken.
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  9. Rally Towel

    Rally Towel NRL Player

    Dare say round 1 won't offer any huge surprises, but there's the question of how Seibold sees everyone fitting into his new team dynamic. Further, player movements leave us light on experience in the pack, which should be a considerable factor. With all that in mind, how would we feel about this?

    1. Darius Boyd (c)
    2. Corey Oates
    3. Jack Bird
    4. James Roberts
    5. Jamayne Isaako
    6. Anthony Milford
    7. Kodi Nikorima
    8. Matthew Lodge
    9. Andrew McCullough
    10. Joe Ofahengaue
    11. TPJ
    12. David Fifita
    13. Matt Gillett

    14. Alex Glenn
    15. Payne Haas
    16. Jaydn S'ua
    17. Patrick Mago

    Entirely dependent on how Gillett shapes up in pre season, but I wouldn't mind seeing him at lock. With recent departures we need leadership on the field, and he's got the versatility and defensive acumen to play a big role on both sides of the ball. Much talk of TPJ and Offa as possible selections, but I'm more confident in Gillett being our linchpin (provided he's in good health)

    Back rower selections maybe contentious but I see Fifita and TPJ as our most damaging weapons on the edge, which should open up opportunities for both halves and centres.

    Despite his early incumbency, Su'a is very much a battering ram at this stage of his career, and I think could even play a stint in the middle from the bench.

    Mago proved solid last season, and I expect Haas to provide growing contributions from the bench as he works his way into the side.

    Glenn is our utility by way of experience and versatility. Can spell either of our edges back rowers or Gillo at lock, as well as centre /hooker as situation requires.

    Leaves Staggs as the odd man out, but I think we need to opt for experience across the park. I expect he'll see a fair bit of game time though, with injuries/suspensions seeing him in the backline or bench (if Glenn pushes into a starting position, etc).

    Barring an enormous effort from any depth half options, expect Kodi to start alongside Milf. Still not convinced in that combination for team dynamics, but expect he'll get the chance to show his wares.
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  10. Yeah this^
    I've never considered him at 13, purely because I think he'll be one of the best props in the world soon. I'm itching to see his game under Seibs, especially his attack.
  11. bronx89

    bronx89 BRL Player

    I see your point. He pretty much played a James graham/Sam Kasiano 2012 prop/ball player role for Redcliffe. But he is a great prop. Tough one mate.
  12. Pub Steak

    Pub Steak NYC Player

    Nah yous are right. He’s too good a prop. Just was picturing the havoc he’s wreak through the middle. We do need the aggression tpj could bring to the position but I’m not sure he’s durable enough for the minutes.
  13. Hey Kyall, what happened mate? You didn't post a side yesterday. Everything ok?
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  14. Splinter

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    Glen and Su’A to swap with TPJ and Fifita and I think you are close to the mark. I think Gillet should also play lock.
  15. peter09

    peter09 U18 Player

    They have not named the full top 30 yet mate you will see when they do he is in there
  16. peter09

    peter09 U18 Player

    he will be 18 in march
  17. Foordy


    we have named 28 of the 30.

    besides there is no way we waste one of the remaining spots on someone who can't even play ... nor can he play the level below NRL ... he is too young,
  18. Kyall

    Kyall NRL Player

    Sorry I’ll post it tomorrow for everyone.
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  19. Rally Towel

    Rally Towel NRL Player

    Also quite conceivable that we run with those two as more seasoned options.

    I know he's coming back from a pretty serious injury and time off, but I still think Gillo is going to be our best option at lock. Despite his current condition, I'd say he's a better chance of being up to the rigours of #13 than any on of the younger forwards.
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  20. upthebroncs

    upthebroncs QCup Player

    Patrick Carrigan would make a great lock for us. If it's not Tevita I think it should be Carrigan. If we let go of him his story would be just like Jai Arrow's.

    We can't really say we have a young inexperienced line up.. We still have Gillett, McCullough, Boyd, Bird, Roberts, Milford, Oates, Ofahengaue and Nikorima who will definitely be in the side.. They should know what to do.. Isaako, Su'a, Haas and Lodge play ahead of their pay grade and experience level.

    1. Jamayne Isaako
    2. Corey Oates
    3. Darius Boyd
    4. Jack Bird
    5. James Roberts
    6. Anthony Milford
    7. Kodi Nikorima
    8. Matthew Lodge
    9. Andrew McCullough (c)
    10. Tevita Pangai Junior
    11. Jaydn Su'a
    12. Matt Gillett
    13. Patrick Carrigan
    14. Kotoni Staggs
    15. David Fifita
    16. Payne Haas
    17. Joe Ofahengaue

    Kodi is still up for debate. Would make a great hooker from the bench to replace Macca but I'd rather fit Staggs in. I would contemplate O'Sullivan, Boyd or Dearden if they proved something over the pre season.

    I love the Boyd and Oates combination and I think under different circumstances they could have been the Queensland left edge combo. (QLD could have shifted Inglis to the right side in order to stop Latrell)

    Bird and Roberts on the right edge would be similar to Bird and Holmes when they won the comp at sharks. Roberts could easily play wing and anyone who thinks he couldn't is just insulting him. He'd play like Addo Carr does for storm. (I think NSW should also play Roberts on the wing outside Trbojevic. Giving NSW the fastest wing pairing in the game.)

    People will criticise:

    Boyd not at fullback
    Roberts on the wing
    Carrigan at lock
    Glenn and Kahu missing
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