2024 Broncos Jersey and Sponsorship discussion.

I did, I messaged the seller to ask and they sent me a photo of the actual product.

My guess is they remove the sponsorship logos and clothing company logos from those main photos so they're not infringing on copyright or something? I realise that doesn't make much sense if they're still on the photos of the other jerseys though. 😂

Ah, cool, thanks! Let us know how it goes!
Just got it from rebel. It is the first jersey I have bought for about 10 years (last was the retro powers jersey).

Usually wear a L/XL but was concerned it may come in small due to style of jerseys these days so got 2 XL. Fits comfortably, a little large and long but I prefer that to being too tight.
New jersey just arrived! Just in time for tonight's game!

IMG 20240404 WA0000
I'm happy for you mate .......but

I fucken hated that jersey design. JMO.
I'm happy for you mate .......but

I fucken hated that jersey design. JMO.
Well the jersey I wore all last year was cursed, so I needed to upgrade lol. Love this design.
We won with a Collar, tell me if he did with his skin tight jersey 🤔
If anyone's looking for the new diamonds heritage jersey whats your team at Redcliffe have them in stock in different sizes. Just went there and picked myself up a 92 Jersey.


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