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NRL Captain
Jun 3, 2013
Chasing Fifita and Johnson sounds very much like the Chooks are a bit worried and getting desperate about their squad for next year.


Senior Staff
Sep 6, 2013
James Graham though: 'Yes I was safe but then...ahh...I wasn't there.'


NRL Player
May 10, 2014
Yeah same, you could tell it was something he had put away and possibly forgotten. Then he pieces it together and looked perplexed.


International Captain
Jul 28, 2016
Yeah I felt for him, seems he was really put on the spot.
For a completely pointless take... Hooper trying to paint it that Fifita might've been sold something only for Des to kick him out if shit changes.

There's a difference between the backended hell that Dogs found themselves in compared to punting one of the best second rowers in the comp


NRL Player
Jan 15, 2017
Tin foil hat stuff here re Roosters and big Dave but hear me out...

We all know Fifita isn't necessarily the most intelligent bloke so what's the chances the roosters say "yep 825k Dave plus (nudge nudge wink wink) if you head down to the little fish and chip shop in Bondi at 2pm on this date they may just be looking for someone to market their shop and pay you 175k per year in return for your services. This deal has nothing to do with the club so you'll have to organise it and its all avove board, but probably best not to tell anyone about this conversation."

Big Dave 2 days later speaking to his manager in front of Titans officials"Oh also i gotta go to this shop and do some promotions for them, the roosters lined it up for me and said its got nothing to do with them so its all good and not included in their cap".

6 hours later on advice from his manager, Fifita calls the Roosters expressing his doubts (dodgy 3rd party deal) to which the roosters come together and realise their cover has been blown. Unlike every other player they sign Dave thinks when someone gives a nudge nudge wink wink its just a strange tic, not a hint something sus is going on (picture monkeys clapping symbols together in his head at this time). Roosters pull the offer to avoid anymore questions been asked.

Is it out of the realms of possibility a situation like this happened?

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