Broncos Player Movements and Rumours 2013

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Ricardi is an interesting one; judges didn't have a lot between him and DCE. I'd certainly be inviting him to pre-season.

I'd be surprised if Kemp plays first grade.
I think most people will be surprised if Kemp plays first grade. We have some quality options well ahead of him IMO. Still nice to dream of him somehow getting back to the form that made him a fan favourite.
Well I think having him is pretty useful. If you look at our wing options, we're not that flushed. Dale Copley is a walk up start on one wing, but his best position is really the centres. Aaron Whitchurch and Lachy Maranta probably competing for the other spot, but while both performed admirably they're just as likely to be crap second year in.

There is of course Yow Yeh, but he's just one big question mark at the moment.

Kahu may come into calculations for fullback, and thus push Hoffman to the wing.

Below them Kemp is really just competing with QLD cup hopefuls.

To make matters worse, Whitchurch is set to miss the opening few rounds recovering from spinal surgery. His future in the backs appears to have a time frame on it as well. Since 2011, he's been playing a fair bit of backrow and I wouldn't be surprised to see him play there within the next 2 years.

Article on Hunt in the CM. Was being sourced out by Cronulla but is looking to stay in Brisbane. Has been told he needs to work on his passing game. Hope we can keep him, he doesn't have the upside of Norman or Prince but I genuinely believe he could be as good as Cronk. Although, right now, he's on track on becoming the next Ben Walker sadly, minus the handy goal kicking.
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Lol, work on your passing game. I actually agree, but that advice should go to Norman even more.
I'd say Norman is also working on his skills too.
Norman can pass he chooses not to
Bit of a rumour around that the Titans are after Dale Copley
That's the thing with the tits, they chase anything that moves whether or not they have a chance...
FMD, develop your own talent you wankers.
Elia also linked Copley to the Dragons.
Are we any chance of signing JT or are we talking to him?

Anybody know anything?

I'm surprised we haven't been linked to him considering we are linked to everyone!

I'm hoping the silence is a sign we may at least be talking to him.
I can't imagine the Broncos can afford him.
We must have some room with the salary cap increase, despite upgrading some of our players, but Thurston...
Not at the reported price of $900K salary + $200K marquee + $200K third party = $1.3M :cuckoo:
Well we do have the advantage of being able to source a lot of 3rd party deals.
I'd be wondering who is getting all the money if we don't have any money if a quality player came on the market that suited a need for us.
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