Broncos Roster, Signings and Rumours Discussion 2023

Yeah it's rumoured around the place he wants at least 1 more season, after next. He would be someone I'd be happy to give player options to.
He's actually not that old for a half either. Hopefully he can play for a few more years
We should extend Adam wholeheartedly. He’s infectious & we play heaps better when he’s on the field. On top of it, we don’t have a capable 7 beating the doors to break into the team. Extending Adam will give us more time to develop &/ look for options that might present themselves.
I feel like you have a few players confused here

Palasia is at the Tits next season, and so you likely mean Piakura, who is the bad contract and his name is Brendan

Ben is Te Kura
Ha...correct, bad.....thanks!
We should keep him as a coach and have him start working with coby black as our future half for the next few years.
While I have my doubts Reyno will be able to playout 2025, it's a not a risk to extend.

There is no 7s out there even close to his quality that will be available for us and we essentially will have to replace him with a low experienced player we can have as backup regardless.
Give Reynolds another year if he wants it by the time he's finished Walsh and Mam have another 50+ games under their belt and Mozer would have come into grade.
By 2025 Reynolds wont be having to do as much as Walsh and Mam will have control of things. Patty is also going to play a big role with the way he's evolving on the field with his talk and organisation.
The Haas contract extension still looming as a distraction this season. Trust his management to do what's best for them, their client and then daylight.. in that order.

Can't say I blame Haas for being greedy now that Rugby Australia has entered the discussion, that kind of money is bound to change a few morals, not that's it's required in this case but still.

Club really needs to head this runaway Bronco off at the pass... it's no good when a player is bigger than a club... which incidentally is one of the reasons the Dolphin's are doing so well I think, clear that nobody is bigger than that club this season... probably helps they couldn't land a big ego/marquee.
Lachlan Fitzgibbon is off contract for next year apparently. I'd be chasing him.

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