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Jan 25, 2014

The National Rugby League (NRL) has today announced the nominees for the 2023 Dally M Team of the Year as well as several individual Dally M awards for the NRL Telstra Premiership.

The Dally M Awards recognise the game’s most outstanding performers from both the NRL Telstra Premiership and NRL Telstra Women’s Premiership each year, with this year’s awards to be presented on Wednesday, September 27 in Sydney.

Significant changes to the Dally M voting process for both the NRL and NRLW competitions were introduced for the 2023 season.

This season, two independent judges each gave out votes on a 3,2,1 basis for every game, meaning players were able to earn a maximum of six votes per game compared to three in previous years.

The decision to add in a second judge to assess each game in 2023 will increase the final total of points to players, but also the level of fairness in further removing potential variances that arise from a single judge voting on a game.

Any player suspended for a total of two NRL/NRLW regular season becomes ineligible to claim any Dally M award, while a one-game suspension brings with it a deduction of six points this year (compared to a deduction of three points in past seasons). Players who become ineligible for awards due to suspension are still able to pick up points in subsequent games so as not to distort the voting process throughout the regular season.

However, players who are suspended for two games will be ineligible to collect any awards, deeming players such as Reece Walsh, Jack Wighton, Corey Horsburgh, Jacob Preston, Dale Finucane, Felise Kaufusi, Jeremy Marshall-King, Tino Fa’asuamaleaui, Jahrome Hughes, Scott Drinkwater, Valentine Holmes, Jeremiah Nanai, Reagan Campbell-Gillard, Jack de Belin, Joseph Suaali’i, Victor Radley, Jared Waerea-Hargreaves and Marata Niukore not available.

The Dally M Team of the Year recognises the best player in each position across all rounds of the regular season. Judges vote on the best player in each position at regular intervals throughout the year with a further vote conducted at the end of the regular season.

The player who polls the highest number of votes in each position is included in the Team of the Year, while players who finish in the top three of the overall Dally M Medal leaderboard receive their respective position in the Team of the Year if available.

2023 Dally M Awards nominees

Fullback of the YearJames Tedesco (Roosters)
Dylan Edwards (Panthers)
Kalyn Ponga (Knights)
Winger of the Year
(two winners)
Dallin Watene-Zelezniak (Warriors)
Jamayne Isaako (Dolphins)
Brian To’o (Panthers)
Dominic Young (Knights)
Selwyn Cobbo (Broncos)
Ronaldo Mulitalo (Sharks)
Centre of the Year
(two winners)
Stephen Crichton (Panthers)
Bradman Best (Knights)
Kotoni Staggs (Broncos)
Campbell Graham (Rabbitohs)
Herbie Farnworth (Broncos)
Izack Tago (Panthers)
Five-Eighth of the YearEzra Mam (Broncos)
Cameron Munster (Storm)
Cody Walker (Rabbitohs)
Halfback of the YearNathan Cleary (Panthers)
Daly Cherry-Evans (Sea Eagles)
Shaun Johnson (Warriors)
Hooker of the YearWayde Egan (Warriors)
Apisai Koroisau (Wests Tigers)
Harry Grant (Storm)
Prop of the Year
(two winners)
Lindsay Collins (Roosters)
Payne Haas (Broncos)
James Fisher-Harris (Panthers)
Nelson Asofa-Solomona (Storm)
Jake Trbojevic (Sea Eagles)
Addin Fonua-Blake (Warriors)
Second Row of the Year
(two winners)
Liam Martin (Panthers)
Briton Nikora (Sharks)
Tyson Frizell (Knights)
Haumole Olakau'atu (Sea Eagles)
David Fifita (Titans)
Hudson Young (Raiders)
Lock of the YearTohu Harris (Warriors)
Isaah Yeo (Panthers)
Patrick Carrigan (Broncos)
Coach of the YearKevin Walters (Broncos)
Andrew Webster (Warriors)
Ivan Cleary (Panthers)
Captain of the YearAdam Reynolds (Broncos)
Tohu Harris (Warriors)
Isaah Yeo (Panthers)
Rookie of the YearJahream Bula (Wests Tigers)
William Warbrick (Storm)
Sunia Turuva (Panthers)
Try of the YearDominic Young (Knights)
Mathew Feagai (Dragons)
Sunia Turuva (Panthers)
Tackle of the YearJoseph Tapine (Raiders)
Haumole Olakau'atu (Sea Eagles)
Ezra Mam (Broncos)

Super Freak

Super Freak

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Jan 25, 2014
Walters not being in contention for hooker of the year over Api is just fucked.

Api had some good games, but he was lacking in consistency this year.


Sep 24, 2023
With being able to be suspended for a slap on the butt these days Walsh has been screwed… now we got to watch Ponga get award for having 10 good games all year while Walsh was great all year…. As usual anything to screw broncos from a win
Harry Sack

Harry Sack

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Jun 12, 2013
2 suspensions making you ineligible is so over the top. Should be like 4 games or something.

Imagine any of those guys actually feeling like they deserve Fullback of the year.
I just think it's shitty that it cuts you out of the position awards as well. Theoretically as well, NAS has been fined how many times this year, but could still be in the running right?


NRL Player
Feb 26, 2023
For the greatest hooker in the history of the game (BILLY WALTERS) to not be nominated is a farce. NRL are clowning the Broncos. He’ll win CC Medal. I said it 3-4 weeks ago.


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Mar 5, 2008
Fullback of the YearJames Tedesco (Roosters)
Dylan Edwards (Panthers)
Kalyn Ponga (Knights)

How the **** does James Tedesco and Kalyn Ponga make this list.

Teddy should be seriously looking at retiring his busted ass after the year he's had on the footy field, and lets be real. Kalyn Ponga might be the most overrated player in the NRL. Bog standard with a spark here and there.


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