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    A place to discuss the new Fox League channel.

    I recommend everyone make plans to leave the house at 11am tomorrow unless you're into inflicting pain on yourself (Holdzy). Grand Final replays for the first few days.
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  2. What stood out for me, amongst other things, was the way Fox manipulated the image used for the women only show. They used a computer to slim down the much bigger Sampson, it was so obvious it was insulting to women in general. If they couldn't show her true image it asks the question, what message are they trying to send to women ? All women must be slim ? If you recorded the launch it's 42 minutes in.
  3. I'm excited to finally have a dedicated Rugby League channel.

    It's been 15 years since they cancelled the Optus channel and I hope FoxSports can make the most of the opportunity. Admittedly I'm not a huge fan of their magazine style programs but hopefully the launch forces them to up the ante and cover the game like it deserves to be covered.

    Personally I'm looking forward to Rewind With Blocker even though I'm not entirely sure what it is. All I know is that it has a three hour block and will most likely have a lot of classic footage so if it hits the mark I'll be a happy camper. I'm also looking forward to more interviews from Sterlo and the Legends show on Sunday. It will be great to hear more yarns and I expect to learn a lot about the game.

    One disappointment is that Vossy won't be hosting the Sunday Ticket. While his enthusiasm for the sport can be too much at times on commentary, as a host it's perfect and he has so much knowledge that it's fun to see him dig up all the small moments or dig through the vaults and highlight some great moments. With Shirvo in charge, I fear it's going to become the same cliche ridden shows we've seen before.
    So,where is Vossy ? Is he contracted to free to air or something else ?
  4. He'll be calling games for Fox.
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    As much as i love her, i couldn't believe how big she looked last night
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    Is Shervo hosting the Sunday Ticket? I got the impression it was one of the girls (Sarah Yates?).
  7. Oh yeah, you're right it's Jessica Yates not that it makes too big a difference. She'll just be the bland and boring host while her panelists Braith and Mick Ennis take centre stage. Now that he's retired Mick could be good but based on his previous work I'm not expecting much and Braith is a boring analyst.
  8. Vonnie has looked big for awhile even at ninr but she still looks good to me. Huge loss for nine, she was the only person really holding it together for them. Wish I had foxtel.
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  9. What are you people complaining about? I'd sure as hell ruin her!

  10. Haha careful what you say mate, some people have been getting pretty distraught over peoples comments about Vonnie.
    Still agree with you there though, maybe it was the cameras but she looked a bit different last night.

    All in all, she's still a bloody good Queenslander and that's enough for me.
  11. @Porthoz@Porthoz usually has questionable taste in women so I'd take his opinion with a grain of salt
  12. Foordy


    she is one gorgeous woman!
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  13. The thing with Yvonne is...

    At the end of last year there was a big thread about how much of a loss she'd be for 9 and how it wasn't just about her looks and so on. It went on and on before it dissolved into petty digs.

    We weren't even one show into the launch and straight away it was about her appearance. Not judging or anything, just pointing out that time has proven a few people correct.

    Personally I'm a little disappointed in the way Fox are using her. She's only hosting the Thursday night, with Saturday being shared between her and Shirvo. Outside of that, she'll be hosting League Life which doesn't look like a great concept on paper and that's it. Her best work was usually putting together news stories for the Footy Show and it doesn't appear we'll be getting any of that unless League Life is more about that. If it's just a show for Lara Pitt, Jess Yates & Hannah Hollis to give their take on the competition in a magazine format than it will be overkill because the channel already has enough magazine shows.
  14. That's ok, I like my questionable taste. I mean, it's not like most other men would find Jennifer Lawrence, Emilia Clarke or Sara Sampaio (my avatar) hotter than Anna Kendrick... right Emilia?

  15. My point was that the woman on stage was clearly not depicted as she is when her image was displayed alongside two of the other women. Her overly generous curves were slimmed down so she wouldn't appear so heavy when contrasted with the other women. In the image used at the 42 minute mark she appears to be of a similar build and weight as the other women yet we all can see that's plainly not the case.

    That's not a criticism of her but of Fox ( advertising department and oversight )
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    Vonnie is plump. I think the good life in Sydney plus a busy work schedule is catching up to her.
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    Yvonne is gorgeous, I don't see any problem with saying that. She is very good at her job which is full credit to her.
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    Just on this point, has anyone else noticed the A Current Affair ad has a picture of a Tracy Grimshaw of about 20 years ago? I don't watch the show and cannot stand it as it is basically advertising now but I do find it interesting. I haven't noticed it on any other show or network but that is truly noticeable.

    Does anyone know why Channel 9 has done it? Is it her choice or theirs?




    I don't have a problem with others saying it, I just don't buy into this perception that she's a great journalist.

    It seems like the reason she's popular is...

    1) She's attractive
    2) She's a Queenslander

    And that's where it ends for a lot of people.

    I'm sure there's more to it, but considering those points are rarely raised, it's difficult to argue against the idea of female tokenism.

    I'll drop it there, all I can say is that this season cannot come soon enough.
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