RUMOUR Jayden Nikorima to the Broncos

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  1. Tom

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    They probably have a fridge full of positive drug results for all their players for when they need them.
  2. 1910

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    SKD was caught with coke in a nightclub and arrested with Carter who gave it to him. Kennedy was head of an exotic animal importing group and tested positive to four banned drugs and got extra time from ASADA for deleting evidence. While shock of all shock Nikorima had evidence his drink was spiked- twice. But has never produced it. Seems strange.

    Why would you need to set this lot up, just sit back and wait.
  3. Cult3

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    They do. And I imagine they hold it over players when signing new contracts
  4. Accept

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    Still a local team though with matches attended by locals. They may have superior facilities and a flashy leagues club but they are still just a local team in a state comp.
  5. Morkel


    I'm not suggesting they're being framed. I'm suggesting that it's odd that their behavior, which would appear to not be one-off or spur-of-the-moment offences, is only "discovered" by the authorities at such a time as their sacking would be convenient for the Roosters.
  6. It's the timing of it all that makes it suss..
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  7. 007

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    To a point, but there are far more positive results for a variety of substances than what is publicised.
  8. Astro

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    This. Im sure if it was SBW caught with some powder they would have helped him through his "personal struggles" got him into rehab and shown everyone how committed they are to looking after their players welfare.
  9. Sanjit Joseph

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    Hi. Could someone pls post the article on jayden nikorima that came on courier mail
  10. scgg

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    I would suggest we are gonna hear more about j nikorima saga real soon. I cant divulge much at this stage but keep an eye on channel 7 tonight. Wild stuff....
  11. jarro65

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    It's already on social media
  12. Joel


    Wat is it about
  13. broncos4life

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    Well what happened?
  14. pagey

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    The suspense??
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  15. He supposedly tried to convince a friend of his to tell the NRL integrity unit that he spiked Jayden's drink with MDMA, so that Jayden didn't get banned for it. Or something along those lines.
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  16. broncos4life

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    Dear oh dear.
  17. Sensational claims of drink-spiking and a falsified statutory declaration have emerged from beneath Jayden Nikorima’s drugs suspension. The former Sydney Roosters player is currently serving a 12-match ban after returning his second positive in-house test to a banned recreational drug. But as revealed by 7 News tonight, the story behind Nikorima’s suspension is more salacious than the breach itself.
    7 News obtained a statutory declaration from a member of the Wyong Roos - the Roosters’ feeder club – which confesses to spiking Nikorima’s drink during last September’s Mad Monday celebrations. Roos halfback Brad Keighran signed the legal document, which stated that he put MDMA in Nikorima’s drink as a “practical joke”. According to the stat dec, the incident occurred at the Central Coast home of another player while the Roos drowned their sorrows following their Intrust Super Premiership grand final defeat to the Panthers. Nikorima returned a positive test later that week and was informed of the result in October. Being his second breach, he faced an automatic 12-match ban and possible termination from the Roosters.
    7 News has also obtained a message from Nikorima, which was sent shortly after he was informed about the positive test. In the message Nikorima claims he never took MDMA and offers to “pay up” in exchange for another party to “say they spiked me”. “I don’t wanna get sacked over something I didn’t do,” the text reads.
    When approached for comment Keighran said the stat dec was drafted by another party and mostly false. He admitted to signing to help his mate. Keighran signed the stat dec on 7 November last year. Nikorima planned to use it in his case before the NRL Appeals Tribunal, which needed to be satisfied of “exceptional circumstances” to overturn his ban.
    But when Nikorima fronted in December, the tribunal wanted Keighran to be questioned in person as well. Nikorima’s team was unable to contact Keighran – and the appeal was dismissed. He was duly banned and sacked by the Roosters, forfeiting a contract worth $350,000. He is now training with Broncos feeder side Redcliffe in the hope of an NRL comeback once his ban ends midway through this season. Comment is being sought from Nikorima and his agent, Isaac Moses.


  18. Broncs_Fan

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    Reflects terribly on Jayden. That he would try and get someone else to take the fall for his idiocy by paying them. Has really poor judgment this guy.
  19. Alec

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    Spiking his drink seems like a really Roosters thing to do though.
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    Already seen posts trying to shame the Broncos.

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