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Mar 26, 2008
5 min sin bins are back on the radar for next year

NRL 2024 rule changes​

In preparation for the 2024 season, the NRL is weighing major rule adjustments, specifically the reimplementation of the five-minute sin bin and permitting player substitutions during foul play.

The NRL is actively engaging clubs to gather feedback and insights on these prospective changes, which have gained momentum in recent years. The proposal to reintroduce the five-minute sin bin has been fuelled by concerns surrounding the impact of playing with a numerical disadvantage, and it is now receiving serious consideration from the NRL in response to feedback from the club community.

As the NRL fine-tunes its rulebook, clubs are playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of the NRL's regulations, potentially ushering in a new era of the sport's competitiveness in the upcoming season.
5 minute sin bins are so dumb. It's only because the usual dinosaurs whinge about the damage 10 mins in the bin does, while completely ignoring the fact that THAT IS THE POINT. The game is trying to stamp certain things out completely, that won't happen with a 5 minute sin bin, and the cost of a concussion is that team loses a player for the game, while the offending team has to endure 2, maybe 3 sets in defence with a man down.

This game is half run by a corrupt gambling stooge who is selling the game's soul for his mates in betting, and half by the fuckwit self-invested media who will say anything for the clicks. Again I ask, where is the "Independent Commission" in all this?
I'll have to see it in action. There's certainly some sin bins that don't warrant a full ten minutes that have completely changed the course of a game. However will we see tackles like Hip Drops come under this umbrella or will they stick with the ten full minutes?

On paper, a five minute sin-bin sounds fine but I can see it leading to an increase and some real inconsistensy among officials.
5 min sin bins are back on the radar for next year
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Smack in the chops of a falling player 5 .
Tackle the player without the white thingy 5 .
3 strikes in the red zone 5 .
It will just lead to more inconsistency. They can't decide now what warrants a sin bin, how are they going to consistently decide between which 2 sin bins to use?

FMD, dumb idea which I suppose is par for the NRL course.
On paper, a five minute sin-bin sounds fine but I can see it leading to an increase and some real inconsistensy among officials.

That's why they got rid of it, it was too inconsistent and what was deemed five and 10 minutes.

It was '91 when it was used last time and generally the loose rule was five for a professional foul or arguing with an official and 10 was for fighting.
I'm so sick of this shit. Seriously. I kinda wish the Broncos had been shit again this season, because hate the NRL. I want to quit watching, but I love the team and have since I was tiny. Every single year a step towards BlurnBall, and I'm so over it.
*sigh*......I guess I'll wait another year to see if the NRL come to their senses and ditch the blight on the game that is the set restart rule.

*sigh*................... Sadly the reality is that it's probably not going to happen in my lifetime.

I guess my only hope is that @Santa can work on this and bring me this wish for xmas.

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