POST GAME Round 1 - Storm vs Broncos

Discussion in 'Brisbane Broncos Talk' started by Foordy, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. soup

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    Nah, he calls it salary sacrifice.
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  2. Sproj


    They even mentioned two instances that should have been penalties but gleefully mentioned they weren’t.
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  3. Xzei


    Might need another testimonial just because
  4. Foordy


    nah ... he told the refs those passes were fine, so they put the whistle away
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  5. Broncapz

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    Melbourne played probably the best they'll play all year.
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  6. Dexter


    Not sure why we need time to gel when Melb can play like that from the get.

    Obviously we have to be a bit patient but I didn't see any of the crap that caused our problems last year corrected tonight.
    That is the most disappointing thing for me. I looked forward all off season to see a different style of attack and improvement in the areas which let us down and we dished up the exact same thing.

    If we did try different things in attack I would be happy to watch that develop but we got the same shit different coach.
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  7. Because the Storm playstyle and coaching is ingrained in their entire system, they could bring in 5 guys who haven't played a game but did the full off-season with the Storm and wouldn't miss a beat, that's why they're so dominant, losing players really doesn't affect their game at all.
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  8. Must say I'm disappointed but not really surprised. I thought there'd be better cohesion and at times it did seem okay. All this talk about talk, direction, control and management didn't really materialise on the field. I didn't understand kicking on the third tackle when we finally reached their 20 metre line, what was the thought ? In WBs time it was about getting a repeat set, pressure. Not saying that isn't something Seibold didn't want either and possibly it is a one off so I'll reserve my judgement on that occasion.
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  9. Fernando

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    Same old, same old against Melbourne. Brisbane can get a good kick in, have Melbourne working it off their own line, and it still seems as though Brisbane are the ones on the back foot (and lucky to hold them in their own half).

    Happy with how the outside backs + Lodge & Gillett played.
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  10. Alec

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    That's part of being a well organised side, knowing how to best get your forwards running when they are being hit hard and your yardage game moving even when you are being pinned back. With Smith there, it's always going to be the case for them.

    We don't really have the luxury, it's about the big individual efforts and getting the ball back in a good position.
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  11. Forget the football!!!

    HAGIOGRAPHIC !!! Totally in love with my new word. Thanks. Never knew it existed. Quick google and I'm richer for reading that which I thought would just be a waste of time. Beaudy.
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  12. Geez, can't believe you didn't know the word after reading so many of Morkel's...
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  13. Fixed it for ya!
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  14. Maddy1to9

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    Don't know what to say......same shit this year too got flogged in the opening round of season. It may well be R1 but sure is for Storm too and they absolutely crushed us. It still surprises me as to how can they get away with their tackling technique? They are always 3 in a tackle and they made sure that at least 1 of them will be on top of our player carrying the ball. They didn't allow us to fast play the ball AT ALL. It's totally the opposite in our case.

    It's the same 3 of our players tackling during our turn (70-80% of the game) but they barged their way forward. It appears to me that Gillett learned a new skill which rest of the players picked up in a very quick time during the game. Wonder why Gillo keeps falling on the feet of Storm players carrying the ball. It looks like he's pleading them to stop going forward.

    Boyd - why didn't you depart with Wayne? You're a total liability to the team. Being the senior member in the squad, don't you know what tackle it is and what has to be done to get back into the game? Stop talking nonsense in the media and start performing on the field you moron.

    Anthony S - when you can make Cook excel at 9 for Souths, why can't you do the same to Andrew. We all know that Andrew is not as quick as Cook but there are surely other areas where you would've molded him. Same goes for 7. Please DO NOT stick with same half's as last year. Test our half's depth. What good has it done in hiring a half's specialist in M.Johns? It's the same shit this year too but under you.

    I just hate the Storm grubs to the core. They are the team I want Broncos to flog so badly every time we meet them. Wonder when I will witness that.......

    All in all, it's a disappointment again and our boys have lot of work to do. Hope Anthony.S corrects that very quickly.
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  15. There is a big difference there, though.

    The Storm's structures and gameplans have not changed. They have spent years mastering their craft. Every player knows their role, they know exactly what they have to do. This is one of the reasons why they have been able to replace key players and still play at a higher level than most of the competition. That alone gave them a big advantage over us.

    We are coming into this season with a new coach, new structures, new gameplan. Our spine has not played together since the final against the Dragons (one of them not even getting a trial match in), we suffered an injury which messed with our rotation.
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  16. I don't blame Bird all that much for the loss ball.

    He still has some blame for what happened, but Milford's pass was also a big contributing factor. It was late and Vunivalu read it well. Before Milford even threw the pass, Vunivalu was already charging at Bird because he knew exactly who Milford was going to pass it to. By the time Bird got the ball, Vunivalu already had him lined up and Bird was not able to reel the ball in before he was crushed by Vunivalu. A lot of players in that situation would have lost the ball, as well. He did not have complete control of the ball and Vunivalu made the right kind of tackle to jolt the ball free.

    Due to Vunivalu rushing up to mark Bird, Milford should have actually been aware of this and passed it to Glenn. I feel that would have been a better option and could have led to something with Oates being unmarked on that left edge.

    Or even a grubber in behind the line which if done right, could have very likely led to a try.
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  17. There's heaps of words I'm sure I'm yet to discover . Was a totally new one to me. I admit I couldn't read most of Morkel's text walls because he was discussing something for which there's no evidence of its existence. It just seemed silly to waste time. It was like trying to discuss the Easter Bunny's characteristics.
  18. broncsgoat

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    Wasn’t seibold meant to be our saviour?

    He looked like a scared little boy sitting in the coaches box.
  19. On the whole it was pretty disappointing.

    It's exactly why all the **** stroking articles were annoying. I guess music at training isn't a revolution...

    I'm not actually concerned though, Seibold has an entirely different coaching style from Wayne and he's simply not going to be able to get that across instantly. It's going to take time.

    I'll only be concerned if come round 10 we aren't significantly more impressive. We're working with a good baseline, we weren't awful a few improvements in key areas and we are definitely in the top bracket of teams.
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  20. Bucking Beads

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    Line speed on defence was very poor. Scramble defense was pretty good I thought. Burnt a lot of petrol scrambling though.

    Biggest concern once again is halfback. We don't have one. Nikorima and Milford a too similiar to form a halves combination that will get us through the big games.

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