PRE-GAME Round 2 - Broncos vs Cowboys

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    Working, sorry. Can’t make it...
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    Probably just as well
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  3. Kyall

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    Doesn’t look fat to me!
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    Not exactly ripped though is he.

    23 year old professional athletes normally look in better shape than that.

    But no, not fat
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    Going for sure. This is the time for getting behind the boys not bunkering down in the lounge room hoping we don’t get the cleaners put thru us.
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    Good man
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  7. Wild Horse

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    Not me... I'll save the dollars - and at least I can turn a TV off if we look as though we are going to lose.

    Still... good on ya's to those who are going to the game. If we win it will be a memorable game to have watched at the ground.
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    Milf is just not a toned person imo. That's his body shape.
  9. milforda-18030821nh.jpg

    Milford vows to reboot running game against Cowboys

    March 13, 2018

    Anthony Milford has vowed to reboot his running game against the North Queensland Cowboys on Friday night and has brushed off criticism of his round one performance as water off a duck’s back.

    Milford spoke to reporters in Brisbane on Tuesday afternoon along with benched forward Sam Thaiday, where both were quizzed on the Brisbane Broncos' poor performance in the 34-12 loss to the St George Illawarra Dragons in the season opener.

    Thaiday said he was determined to provide some spark off the bench against the Cowboys while Milford was emphatic about where he needed to improve.

    "Obviously, my running game," Milford said.

    "Being more of a talker [now] takes that away from myself and I think that is what I need to go back to and make sure I get an early carry in the game, and stay in the game.”

    The Broncos halves have copped plenty of heat from commentators for their round one performance who have lamented the lack of direction they provided.

    When asked whether criticism fired him up personally, Milford said "not at all".

    "It gets pushed aside," he replied.

    "Inside, I know what I need to work on and how I can be better in a game. I just need to put that into action."

    Milford said the criticism of his own performance was to be expected and "comes as part and parcel of playing the position I play".

    "There are going to be heavy critics coming at at Kodi [Nikorima] whether we lose or win but we’ve got to ride those highs and lows and whatever comes our way we accept it and move on," Milford said.

    "Having a new partner in the halves, it will take a bit of time for both of us to click. We have got no excuses, but…we know where we went wrong and how we are going to fix it, and that is going to happen on Friday night.

    "Everyone is just forgetting it is round one. There is nothing wrong here at the Broncos."

    Thaiday said the Broncos halves could only shine if the forwards fired.

    "When your forwards are making the mistakes that we did and dropping the ball, we didn’t give them any opportunity to show any of their talent," he said.

    "I’ll put my hand up personally. We had a couple of tough conversations through the week about what we need to do as a forward pack.

    "Sometimes you need a setback like that round one game that is hopefully going to put a fire in the belly going forward."

    Thaiday said he was looking forward to giving up the dummy half role and 'pushing back into the forwards and doing something I actually know.'

    "That may be my position going forward, just trying to provide a bit of spark off the bench and maybe [playing] limited minutes as well," he said.

    "I am looking forward to another challenge and I’m going to push myself."

    Boom forward Tevita Pangai Jnr, the player's player against the Dragons, is set to start against the Cowboys and Thaiday said that was a just reward.

    "He did his job for us the other night. He ran hard and he did his job for us in defence as well," Thaiday said.

    "I am more than happy to take a step back and promote these young guys as much as I can because I’d like to get out there and run off the back of them and get some quick play the balls off those guys.

    "These young guys are going to be relied upon a little bit this year going forward and Tevita is really standing up," Thaiday said.

    "He’s just got to make sure he stays consistent. We need to make sure he does all the hard stuff first and once he’s nailed that he can bring out all the silky skills he does have."

    Thaiday and Milford spoke to reporters as the Broncos announced that Australia's largest non-bank lender Firstmac had extended its sponsorship agreement with the Brisbane Broncos for five years until 2022.

  10. 171220-pangai.jpg

    Tevita Pangai Jnr relegates Sam Thaiday to bench as Wayne Bennett ushers in brave new era

    March 13, 2018

    WAYNE Bennett ushered in a brave new era for the Broncos by benching Sam Thaiday and handing Tevita Pangai Jnr the biggest test of his career against a monster Cowboys pack.

    The winds of change have officially swept through Red Hill with Bennett admitting Pangai Jnr will face a brutal baptism of front-row fire in Friday night’s Queensland derby at Suncorp Stadium.

    Bennett was expected to start with Thaiday at prop against the Cowboys to ensure his 280 games of NRL experience could ease the pressure on controversial young bookend Matt Lodge.

    But Bennett will take one of the biggest selection gambles of his 42-year coaching career, adamant Pangai Jnr, 22, can handle Cowboys big boppers Matt Scott, Jason Taumalolo and Jordan McLean.

    Pangai Jnr and Lodge have started just six NRL games between them, but Bennett says it’s time for Brisbane’s posse of young forwards to muscle up – starting in the 2015 grand-final replay.

    “It’s a huge test for Tevita – the Cowboys will teach him everything first grade is about,” Bennett told The Courier-Mail.

    “Tevita has been coming off the bench for the past two years, he’s played some state league... well now he is going to the next level.

    “We need to fill Sam’s place next year when he retires and he’s at a stage in his career now where he’s more suited to the bench.

    “Sam still has a lot to offer this club and I want him to offer that.

    “As a coach, I have to coach for the present, but at the same time I am coaching for the future.

    “That’s how it works at this club, the young guys eventually have to stand up.

    “There is a process here and Tevita has been part of that process. His form is good – I have faith in him.”

    After 33 games in two seasons off the bench, Pangai Jnr started for the first time against the Dragons last week.

    While Brisbane crashed to a dismal 34-12 defeat, the former Canberra rookie was a standout, clinching the players’ player award with his energetic running in attack and hungry attitude in defence.

    A former Junior Kangaroos captain, the 113kg prop is tipped to be a 10-year Bronco and Thaiday revealed he is content to pass the starting baton to Pangai Jnr.

    “It’s a great reward for Tevita,” he said.

    “Wayne wanted to reward him for the game he played (against the Dragons), he ran hard and worked hard.

    “I’m more than happy to take a step back and promote these young guys.

    “I am happy to run off the back of them, they are the future of our club.

    “We have some good young forwards coming through and Tevita has grown in confidence since the World Cup with Tonga. Tevita is really standing up, he just has to stay consistent with it.

    “I am going to have to take a step back and play whatever role I’m asked and I’m okay with that.”

    Source: Courier Mail
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    Milford has been all talk for 2 years now.
  12. Kyall

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    Great stuff TPJ take the chance while you got it mate.
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    He's definitely earned his spot. Now Offa has to step up, I think Lodge, Offa and TPJ are the future of the club and when they all click its going to be a beautiful thing to watch
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    Maybe, or he might just **** off for a buck after a year or so. Hope not if he lives up to the hype though. They have to want to make the club great, not just themselves.
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  15. I'd wager that Wayne is sick of losing talent right now, I think he'll be re-signed as soon as we're possibly able to, probably to a 4+ year deal.
  16. mitch222

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    Not at a ridiculous price. Lodge will need to get as much money as he can from his next deal. Some dumb club will throw a packet at him for next year
  17. Battler

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    We always seem to lose our talent/ jrs to clubs paying ridiculous overs... yet it somehow keeps happening. Does every club have a quota on how many broncos they need in their side on at least 150k (that's a conservative figure) more than what they're worth?

    EDIT: Surely the Knights, Dragons, and Tits have blown all their cash. It doesn't matter if they have average squads, they've all thrown serious cash around.
  18. Foordy


    why? ...

    there is a good chance to will be prepared to stay for a few years to repay the club for what they have done for him ... then again he could just be a greedy mercenary

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