OFFICIAL Seibold signs with Broncos for 4 years

Discussion in 'Brisbane Broncos Talk' started by mitch222, Oct 31, 2018.

  1. big k

    big k QCup Player

    I'm excited, I don't want to get ahead on myself here but imagine if we came out and flogged the Storm round 1.
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  2. If we can play the game plan that Seibold likes to play than we will win.

    The only thing that makes me think we won’t is because of the injuries to spine players. It’s going to cause some disruption so I can see us being a bit off for a couple of weeks to start the season.
  3. I would like to think Seibold is eyeing off this game as his chance to show what he can do with this side.

    If we can beat Melbourne in Melbourne, then he will win over a lot of fans.
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  4. winslow_wong

    winslow_wong State of Origin Captain

    Big time. He would have been perfect to have around purely for motivation and morale. But he still thinks his coaching ways are better than everyone else’s. funny how he always told players it’s better to retire a year early than later yet here he is still chasing glory at near 70 years old.
  5. upthebroncs

    upthebroncs QCup Player


    There is a lot of virtue signalling going on here.

    Bennett is trying to make the Broncos as a club look bad. He couldn't gain control of the club as he wanted.

    The Broncos are a big business listed on the ASX. They couldn't afford to have such psychological instability inside the club.

    The era of coaches using mind games and scare tactics is coming to a close.

    Seibold is backing his coaching up with proven psychologically healthy methods.

    It's been shown that music improves performance and changes the way the brain functions. Playing it on the field during training is out of the box for the NRL, but it's common sense for Seibold and others.

    That is just an example, everything he is doing is what is right for the club.

    Everyone knows what sort of business the NRL is and how cut throat it can be.

    Bennett knows that most of all, he cut half our squad when he became coach the second time around.

    Bennett is a great coach but the toxicity level has always been high, it has increased with age.

    Players WILL respond to Seibold. That's if they haven't already.
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  6. pagey

    pagey NRL Player

    I agree that his theories are exciting but are by no means proven in his field. I think he needs a few seasons to be judged on before it is proven.
  7. upthebroncs

    upthebroncs QCup Player

    Everyone likes music.
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  8. theshed

    theshed NRL Player

    Well, backed by study is probably a better term than proven. It’s based on science, is what I think the poster means.
  9. upthebroncs

    upthebroncs QCup Player

    Haha thanks.
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  10. heartly87

    heartly87 QCup Player

    These are high end athletes doing high end training. If music can boost a players efforts in training by just a few percentiles then that will translate onto the field just by muscle memory and cardio fitness. Every big Rocky Balboa training montage had music so that adds credibility also.
  11. upthebroncs

    upthebroncs QCup Player

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  12. ivanhungryjak

    ivanhungryjak NRL Captain
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  13. ivanhungryjak

    ivanhungryjak NRL Captain
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  14. Alec

    Alec International Rep

    It all sounds good, shaking things up and doing it his way...just like Bennett when he started. Hopefully it works out just as well as Bennett did in his first 20 years.
  15. Lockysillegitimatechild

    Lockysillegitimatechild NRL Player

    Renouf has such passion for the Broncos, love it! Him, Hodges, Langer (although he doesnt make much public comment) and Lockyer are the old boys I have the upmost respect for what they say about the club. Webcke a little bit as well. There are others (Hello Tallis and C Johns) who have sadly diminished their standing at the club due to their alterior motives/resentfullness. Petero also appear to have the best interests of the club at heart. Walters loves the club but I feel like he is obsessed with “appearing” neutral, particularly with origin...
    I could be wrong about all of the above but their media comments/presence gives me the above impressions
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  16. Lockysillegitimatechild

    Lockysillegitimatechild NRL Player

    I love this stuff. Success or failure with seibold over the next 5 years I feel it will give us the ability to be the brisbane broncos rather then bennetts broncos. Not saying he didnt or shouldnt have a big say/impact on our current or future identity as a club but rather that the club should have its own identity with the coach a part of/influencing it rather then making it... seibolds willingness to try things for me signals that he warrants the broncos persisting with him for the complete 5 year period despite the results (unless multiple wooden spoons/bottom 4 of course!) just as the club did with bennett (with a far more advanced/rep heavy/premiership-ready roster) from 1988 until the premiership in 1992..
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  17. Morkel


    My only concern is whether he has the foresight to not go 1000 miles an hour at a player like Roberts. I’m sure there are others that require a more gentle touch too, but he’s the one that springs to mind.

    I guess the clubs all have welfare departments etc, but if Seibold just goes hard with no feel for the situation, I can see Roberts deteriorating or simply walking out.
  18. Spoon

    Spoon BRL Player

    I'm sure somewhere in his masters of teaching he figured that out...
  19. Rally Towel

    Rally Towel NRL Player

    Excited to see how we go next season. I was in favour of Bennett seeing out his contract, but not going to cry over spilt milk.

    As much as old school fundamentals are always essential, I'm looking forward to seeing what a difference a process /scientific approach will make.

    Granted, it wasn't the most complex strategy, but I was impressed by Sieb's ability to play to his side's strengthes early and consistently throughout the season. Quite a turn around from a lethargic, aimless team to a cohesive, effective unit.

    Different cattle here, but if he's able to apply the same principles and formulate a game plan of the back of that, we could be anything. Not as experienced a side as Souths, but we have a lot more attacking options at our disposal.

    I expect we'll see some fireworks in attack sooner or later (hopefully the former), but we have to step up big time in defence. With a few veterans departing, attitude and effort from our senior players is crucial if we're to compete...
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  20. 1910

    1910 State of Origin Rep

    He's a teacher, his strength is knowing each student/player and knowing what they need. It's been shown already- rang McCullough because he knew he might be sensitive to the Cook stories.

    He's so positive and the players will know the word YET and use it. He teaches them to say I can't goal kick YET. Won't accept I can't goal kick.

    Let's figure out how you can goal kick and work on it. Then gives them the tools to do it.

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