Sharks under investigation for salary cap breaches

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    Where did they admit to cheating the cap ? From what Flanagan said they didn't spend up to the ceiling or full amount for quite some years. He claims that it's about a tpa that wasn't reported. He also claimed it wasn't a great deal. If they weren't over the cap then they didn't cheat. I think maybe you should wait to hear about the findings before making claims that are not yet proven.
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    Well if Flanagan said so then case closed, I mean he wouldn’t have any reason to lie.
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  2. Wolfie

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    I never said a thing about them cheating the cap when I said they admitted cheating.
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    That's extremely tin foil hat.

    You can say what you like about the NRL being useless, but they would not let systematic cheating of the cap go without so much as a mention. The damage it could do to the organisation, and those involved in such a cover up would be criminal.

    Our media is shit, but to suggest our media would all pull together to make sure it didn't get out, is pretty laughable. There are too many **** and egos in the media.
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  3. Oh, I thought you said they cheated the cap when you wrote "surely if they had key players being paid OVER THE CAP in that side that won the premiership".
  4. Morkel


    There’s an “if” there champ. Maybe you should take your own advice and read better, comprehend better.
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    You thought wrong! I never actually said once they cheated the cap. I said they were cheats. That wasn't part of the first sentence though, I just punctuated it badly.

    They are a horrible club IMO. They are cheats, they admitted it, and they pretty much got away scott free with cheating. Peptide Paul and his gang should have been dealt with far more harshly.
  6. Ha ha ha ha, right. The first sentence was about the drug scandal from 6 or so years ago and the next sentence was about the tpa. Sure thing buddy. Methinks you're being slippery with the truth, whatever.

    I'll say one thing though, I told a lie once like everyone else on the planet has I'm guessing. I don't think everyone else on the planet is a liar because of it. I don't see any connection and I wouldn't link the two events for any club, not just my old favourite team the Sharks. That's just me though.
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    I'm not lying. I was talking about their drug cheating ways. I've got no reason to lie about anything. I'd say if I was talking about this new possible low for their football club, but I wasn't.
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  8. ...and therein lies the mistake. Discussing with Huge the Sharks cheating ...and with bad grammar, was never going to end well. :wink:
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    I think my bad grammar is coming out on purpose now!
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  10. Bad grandma!!
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  11. Talking about salary cap investigations why has the investigation into the possible dodgy dealings involving the Storm regarding Cameron Smith over the testimonial match earlier in the year gone largely unreported in the media?
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  12. It seems like they were something that was approved by Dave Smith when he was here.
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  14. Dexter


    There's just a massive stink about this club over the last 7 years.
    2011 ( The peptide year ) was Flannagans first as fulltime head coach.
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  15. Sproj


    2015 - Hmmm
    2016 - Nah its all sweet
    2017 - Hmmm

    There are certainly no reasons to be suspect over such a dodgy club since 2011, none of all.
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  16. If the NRL find clear evidence of wrongdoing then they must be stripped of their premiership.

    Please make it happen NRL. It would just make my **** year.
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  17. Old Mate

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    Same, it’s all I want in rugby league right now.
    Yeah, but they got their premiership. Fuckem!
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