Sharks under investigation for salary cap breaches

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    So unambiguously obvious I can't believe it needs to be said - but seemingly it does
  1. LittleDavey83

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    I'm waiting for the name to drop.....apparently a member of the 2016 grand final side who has since left the bluc....Bird/Barba, who wants odds?
  2. Morkel


    I thought it was a player who’s still with them?
  3. LittleDavey83

    LittleDavey83 NRL Player

    Morks - from - Hooper reckons “The player that they initially reported the irregularity about is no longer at the club. I can tell you, the player they identified the irregularity around was part of the 2016 premiership winning team, he did the lap of honour with the Sharks after they won the competition."

    All still speculation at this point, but I suspect where there's smoke, there's fire........
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  4. Morkel


    Interesting. Though there is supposedly two payments in question, one in 2015, another in 2017.

    On my phone now, but article quoted in 3rd post of this thread includes:

    “The original tip-off may have involved an undisclosed third party payment to a player as far back as 2015. That player is still at the club.”
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  5. Cronulla cheating again....?

    Thats hard to believe.
  6. PerthBrissy987

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    Wait for another drugs scandal involving Gallen lol
  7. **** I hope they take the premiership.
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  8. Never going to happen ha ha. They may get a 500k fine and some other bits but you know the Sharks are teflon coated!
  9. I know, but I have so many mates I would need to inform if they did!
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  10. Yes, they're not popular around here and quite a few just can't forgive me for liking them before the Broncos were born. Nobody was really concerned about them before they became a force in recent years and old beliefs persisted (we'll smash the sharks, they're easybeats) for a long time. Still, **** em, they've got all the sympathy they're getting from me since they won a gf.
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  11. Jedhead

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    But the question must remain forever now - did they win it fair and square?
  12. The answer to that will be decided by the NRL. If they rule it's legit then that's it. Doesn't matter about speculation because it's like a forward pass, once ruled on it doesn't matter what we think. It's done. I know I don't care due to only caring about the ones the Broncos win.
  13. I don't buy into that, I had a lot of respect for the Sharks during the mid to late 90's, they were a real force even if they didn't win a premiership(weren't far off really), played quality football and players you could like. I don't dislike the Sharks today because they won a premiership, I dislike the use of peptides and the attitude surrounding it by the club and players, I even think that is far worse then the salary cap drama atm which is more an example that the salary cap is a flawed model that doesn't work.
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  14. Wolfie

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    They are cheats and they admitted cheating. Surely if they had key players being paid over the cap in that side that won the premiership they have to be stripped
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  15. I just want to give shit to my mates who have supported them all those years for a single lift of the trophy. The pain of losing it, oh, thinking about their faces. So great.
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  16. 1910

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    I wanted to find out how many clubs you'd be stripping. Seven premiers from 2000-2010.

    All these premiers/Grand finals were over the cap it's a pretty sad indication of the use of the cap.

    Roosters in 2002
    Panthers in 2003
    Bulldogs and Roosters 2004 from the Grand Final
    Broncos and Storm 2006 from the Grand Final
    Storm 2007
    Storm 2008
    Storm 2009
    Dragons 2010
    Manly 2013
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  17. cakeGG

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  18. I don't think there is any issue there. It would have taken them all of 3 minutes to use RP Data to find the value in the area. Given journos all have access to that, it would have been found out if it were dodgy.
  19. Morkel


    There has been heaps of shit that has happened in Townsville that never made it to the papers, more specifically, never been reported by the journos. The game means too much to them up there. Not "allegations" either, this is the word face-to-face with the late Graham Murray.

    The NRL just don't want to know about anything wrong with premiership teams. The Storm fucked the history books enough and the NRL don't want it to happen any further. If there's a way to pretend it didn't happen, they'll make sure it didn't happen.

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