Sharks under investigation for salary cap breaches

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    Articles would suggest they're only looking at 15 and 17. It would seem that a single year, they were compliant. How lucky..... NRL is like the guberment, they think we are **** idiots.
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    The thing is, of the player(s) in question, we're not talking one year deals here. 2016 is not an isolated season, players would have been contracted for numerous seasons (eg, 2014 - 2016). Just because the physical payment happened in, say, 2015, doesn't mean it wasn't an enticement to stay on with the club for the duration of the contract. So unless all the 2015 incidents happened with players only contracted up to 2015, and the 2017 incidents with contracts for 2017 onwards, then 2016 is no less tainted than 2015 and 2017.
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  2. Just read the Sharks are bing fined and they've lost their coach. Fox Sports have a big long list of potential coaches but I was surprised that JD wasn't put forward.
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    they were clean that year remember ... their issues only happened on either side of their premiership year :P
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    Whispers evolving into murmurs regarding Cronulla's premiership and the salary cap investigation. We may soon have 2 teams in 2 decades who have had their titles stripped for cheating.

    Ahhh NRL, at least nobody can say you're boring.
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    Where’s these whispers? Last time the Sharks did something to cheat, they were given a holiday to remind them not to do it again or else.
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    I was thinking a similar thing this morning.

    Caught cheating.
    Players retrospectively suspended (WTF is that anyway...).
    Coach suspended 12 months.
    Coach caught cheating whilst suspended to assemble a premiership winning side.
    Win premiership.

    Seriously, how can their premiership not be stripped?

    I mean, I despise the Storm as much as the next bloke, but they’d have every right to be ropeable if the Sharks premiership isn’t stripped, given the very similar circumstances, at least with respect to the severity of their wrongdoings.
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  9. Like everything, evidence is required. Circumstantial evidence won't be enough. Definitely need hard evidence. Flanagan being caught helping assemble a team for the following year, irrespective of his personal ban has no bearing on the following years team. Sure, he can be and is punished for contact but it doesn't invalidate the following years team. They are separate issues. There will have to be hard irrefutable evidence that Cronulla were over the cap or cheating the cap somehow.
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    I understand what you’re saying and you’re right, that’s how the law and a jury of your peers is required to operate.

    But we all know it’s never that black and white. There is so much grey sometimes.

    Without conclusive evidence either way, I don’t think it’s ridiculous to imagine that Cronulla would have recruited or retained at least a couple of players that they may not have were Flanagan not to have undertaken, seeing he started emailing just weeks after his suspension started it’s be pretty reasonable to say, 9 months of recruitment and retention work during his 12 month suspension.

    A team consisting of players recruited or retained by a suspended coach who wins a premiership. Remember, they’d already been punished for their misdemeanours and were flaunting such punishment. Unless the NRL grows a backbone and comes down hard, they’ll just continue to flaunt the rules and / or punishments.

    As you say, they can’t act on any of that without evidence. But if the NRL is serious, they should be working really hard to find a way to prove it, because there’s a better than solid chance it’s true.
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  11. It wouldn't invalidate the premiership, it's a violation of the terms of his suspension, it's a separate offence and sure, you can say what if, or woulda coulda shoulda but in the end you can't punish twice for the same violation. I'm not saying it's wrong or right. The trouble with what you're suggesting is, where do you stop? Refunds for every ticket holder that attended on gf day, payments to the ground hirer, compensation to channel 9, fox sports, pain and suffering for the poor journos? In the end, 17 played 17 and if the cap wasn't busted then anything else has to be considered separately and punished in isolation, you just cannot go down the slippery slope.
  12. Isn't the cap under question already? In 2015 and 2017 but for some reason not 2016?
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    Yes...because Sharks, enough said.
  14. Foordy


    Shane Flanagan resigns as Sharks coach

    Cronulla have announced coach Shane Flanagan has resigned from his post a month after the NRL deregistered him for breaching the conditions of his 2014 suspension.

    Flanagan and the Sharks on Monday morning released a joint statement confirming he would not be returning to the post.
    John Morris was recently appointed to the role of interim coach. Monday's statement gave no indication as to whether he would officially become the permanent coach with the club to "come to a decision and make an announcement on a head coach for 2019 in the coming weeks".

    Sharks chairman Dino Mezzatesta thanked Flanagan for his efforts and the success he brought in seven full seasons as head coach.

    "Shane was our first premiership-winning coach, he is the coach of our Team of the Half Century and he has given exceptional service and dedication to our club," Mezzatesta said.

    "He worked tirelessly to build our team and our club into a competitive force and he will forever hold a special place in the club's history."

    Flanagan began his tenure at the club in 2007 as an assistant to Ricky Stuart and took over the head coaching role late in the 2010 season.

    He coached the Sharks for 185 NRL games, leading them to the finals six times, including the 2016 history-making title.

    "While disappointed his tenure at the Sharks will come to an end, Shane can look back with pride on some outstanding achievements during his time at the helm," Mezzatesta said.

    Flanagan added: "This was obviously one of the toughest decisions of my 36-year rugby league career to resign from the head coaching role at Cronulla.

    "The last month has taken an enormous mental and emotional toll on my family and myself.

    "I intend on responding to the notice issued by the NRL, however I have made this decision in the best interests of the entire club and the players to allow the best possible preparation for the 2019 season without constant speculation and uncertainty as to who their head coach will be.

    "I want to thank the Cronulla board and management, both past and present, as well as my dedicated coaching staff, all of whom I have worked closely with over seven seasons.

    "I especially want to extend my gratitude to the many players who I have been fortunate to coach at Cronulla. Without doubt, I will hold the entire 2016 playing squad, staff, supporters and unforgettable achievement to deliver the club its first premiership, forever in my heart.

    "I want to single out and thank the incredibly loyal Sharks supporters for their on-going support and last but certainly not least, I want to thank rugby league fans in general for their overwhelming support and messages over the years and more so over the past month."

    Flanagan and the Sharks said they would not be making any further comment on the matter. The club intends to "come to a decision and make an announcement on a head coach for 2019 in the coming weeks".

  15. The NRL should be putting an article like;

    "The Sharks confirmed that disgraced coach Flannagan has resigned."

    That's it. Don't talk him up to be the first premiership coach, our team of the centuary coach, this, that, and everything else. He's a **** cheater. That's what he should leave the game as. A filthy cheat.
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    Looks like you don’t have anything then, Barry.
  18. I just love that he if he somehow had a choice?
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    They still seriously think they're innocent victims and the big bad NRL is being so unfair.

    Shit club. They've surpassed Melbourne in being cheating scums.

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