State of Origin 2023 - Game I Discussion

Not really, he got up in his face and basically said you pass a miracle ball that 9/10 doesn't land or get hammered and likely drop the ball. If Walsh ***** that pass it would be amazing D, sometimes you can't do much about brilliant play.
Yeah it was shit D.
He went up to fast and on his own.
Could have slid , To'o had no idea . He just shot up one out, 100% they don't practice that.
ponga ruled himself out for the series apparently?
QRL pinged $30k for the same offence Souths were fined $15k for, namely having 14 men on the field.

I'm going to speculate on the make up of the fine

+15,000 for having 14 men on
-5,000 for the onfield penalty
+5,000 for making Cleary look ordinary
+5,000 for making Teddy look past it
+10,000 for beating NSW
It should have been less then 15k considering they got a penalty in game for it
Ah no it was a very bad look for game, especially when the games on show is what the nrl will say
Our next game with Penrith is going to be spicy.
Yep, imagine if, now I'm just spit balling here, the NRL decided to fine themselves for an incorrect sin binning that could have massively impacted on the result.
I agree! There has to be accountability. This is what I've been saying, it's all very well and good coming out on Monday every so often and saying we fucked up.

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