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Discussion in 'State of Origin 2018' started by Foordy, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Lockysillegitimatechild

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    The thing that annoys me about players like hunt and morgan (in the past, not so much now due to the reason it also annoys me in the first place. It becomes clear soon) continuously get selected is that we are continuously selecting them over amd over again to “develop” and “grow” their game. Give any nrl level number 6 or 7 the amount of opportunity that these 2 have had to “grow” and they will have 1 or 2 highlights surrounded by mediocrity as well. Its both the law of averages and also the fact they have had so many chances to grow their game with better players. Why suffer until they provide SOMETHING?

    The players we had filling that role off the bench before them were class IN THAT ROLE, or showed enough to guarantee they were the future. Ponga showed this the other night, that role isnt cover, its meant to be an IMPACT player. Hunt wont be our long term number 7 or our long term number 9 so why keep a spot for him when the job he did could be done by any speedy hooker (granville, segeyaro). We are weak in the forwards, why not a 4 forward bench? Why not a proper impact hooker? Before morgan we had k hunt and cronk filling that spot, bowen was another a few years further back.... owe how far we have fallen. Morgan has finally grown into the role a bit, AFTER 10 games! 3 series it has taken him! We arent good enough now to wait for that again, the bench is an important part to winning games..
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  2. Have you ever played footy?

    Wallace wasn't even lined up on Tedesco. He was lined up on Sims, that was his man. Tedesco was McGuire's. Tedesco ran through the hole that McGuire created by coming in on Cook when there was absolutely no need.

    That try was COMPLETELY McGuire's fault.

    It would be ridiculous to even blame Wallace in the slightest. He's a prop forward, he doesn't have the speed to cover that hole before Tedesco can run through it.

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  3. Broncs_Fan

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    100% McGuire's fault.
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  4. winslow_wong

    winslow_wong State of Origin Captain

    Yep he got way too keen to tackle cook and got out foxxed
  5. Lockysillegitimatechild

    Lockysillegitimatechild NRL Player

    The old still photo haha... You could take a still photo of any moment in the game and milk it. Welcome to the media... Cook 1 metre from the line with his speed on kafusi would have been over the try line 9.9/10. What this this doesnt show is that cook wasnt flat footed on kafusi. And look at he amgle of this photo, watch when tedesco actually gets through sims is way outside wallace on a front on angle lol. And who do you cover. The beach sprinting champion hooker 1 metre from the line and one of the fastest fb in the game or a second rowerr who is another 5 metres back and requires a precision flat ball across an advancing defensive line to get the ball? Lol unfortunately for us the game isnt played in still photos, it moves....

    Have you ever played the game?
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  6. Viti

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    I have and still do play the game, Kaufusi playing passively on the line instead of attacking Cook forced McGuire's hands. If Kaufusi gets back to his mark and gets up on Cook McGuire can stay out on Tedesco.
  7. Foordy


    turning my attention to next years series ... this is how i would go (assuming all players healthy and in decent form):

    1. Ponga
    2. Holmes
    3. Munster
    4. Inglis (c)
    5. Gagai
    6. Milford
    7. Cherry-Evans (last night earned him another shot)
    8. Arrow
    9. McCullough
    10. Papalli
    11. Su'a
    12. Gillett
    13. McGuire

    14. Oates (utility as can play forwards and backs)
    15. Ofahengue
    16. Hess
    17. Napa

    18. Rhyse Martin
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  8. Foordy


    I take back my blame of Wallace in this instance ...

    however, my thinking that he is shit and should be dropped STANDS :P
  9. kooly87

    kooly87 BRL Player

    So glad we can agree now that you were absolutely, categorically wrong about them picking DCE for this game
  10. Old Mate

    Old Mate NRL Player

    I like it, no Chambers and Kaufusi doesn’t do it for me. An injury to Macca and DCE to hooker, Milford/Munster halves. Me likey.
  11. I hate the ****, but DCE was excellent last night. New 7 for mine.
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  12. broncos4life

    broncos4life International Rep

    My thoughts exactly. CM ratings had him at 7.5 and Munster at 8. Get. Fucked.
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  13. Old Mate

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    That’s the sort of shit that will have Munster in the side for the next ten years.
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  14. BroncsFan

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    The long kick was macca if you're thinking of the one that ended up with Turbo on the 1m line
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  15. JAHHW

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    Good side.

    Only thing I’d do differently is put Su’a on the bench, Kaufusi at 11 and drop Hess (aside from 1, maybe 2 runs last night he’s just too soft. It must be close to 6 games now without making any real impact when his job is impact forward - IMO he does nothing Oates or Su’a couldn’t do in the same role).

    Maybe Morgan at 3 and Munster at 6. I believe Morgan has always performed in every position asked of him, including centre, and deserves a spot. And don’t get be wrong, I really want Milf to succeed at Origin level, but I can’t find a reason to move Munster and break a winning halves combination. On last nights performance, DCE was exactly what we missed in games 1 and 2 (one can only wonder do we win game 2 with last nights DCE at halfback in the final 10mins against 12 men? You’d have to think so - shame).

    But I wouldn’t be upset if the team you named got selected.

    Except Hess haha. He just isn’t delivering for mine.
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  16. Dexter


    There isn't a lot between these sides bar ref decisions, bad errors or an individual bit of brilliance but if DCE plays from game 1 we win the series.
    This team was crying out for a true organiser and this was one selection that was obvious from the start IMO.

    Overall we did well given the disruptions.
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  17. Wild Horse

    Wild Horse QCup Player

    Yep, and he'd know it too.
  18. The big problem here was that it was a fairly fast play the ball and Hess (I think it was) didn't make it back to marker. With the players the Blues had (Cook, Tedesco) one on one with the Maroons (Kaufusi, McGuire), it was always going to be a try that close to the line. Cook is deadly when he sees the opposition struggling at marker.

    The only hope we had here was if Kaufusi jammed up on Cook quickly forcing him to pass earlier giving McGuire a shot one on one with Tedesco. I agree with @Viti@Viti in that Kaufusi was too passive in this instance. Yeah sure McGuire comes running in and in hindsight he would stay out but it was the lack of numbers around the ball that close to the line that fucked us here. Just my 2 cents.
  19. holdzy89

    holdzy89 NRL Captain

    You just can't let Tedesco go unmarked anywhere near the line - I think Kaufusi had Cook to be honest. Probably was a try either way, but at least Cook would have had to make a contest of it with Kaufusi, instead of Tedesco just strolling over.
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  20. kooly87

    kooly87 BRL Player

    My my, haven’t you changed your tune...

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