MELTDOWN Wayne Bennett - Moves to Souths

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Should Wayne Bennett's Contract be Extended?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Crazy Sam

    Crazy Sam NRL Player

    I don't have any issue at all with how Bennett has tried to play this. The process the board underwent during the season to try and find a new coach for 2020+ while at the same time refusing to confirm that Bennett would not extended beyond 2019 was a disgrace and an insult to everyone's intelligence, so it's fair enough that Bennett has dragged them through this. I could not care less about whatever was happening with Souths, Seibold and their situation.

    At the end of the day - both clubs now have new coaches who are both (hopefully for our sake) decent at what they do, and I doubt the saga of the past few weeks will have any additional impact on either clubs' fortunes for next year once they move on and start training.
  2. A lot of journos cop a lot of shit that's pretty unwarranted, there's a few bad eggs who will legitimately make up shit to get clicks (Dobbo), but for the most part they're pretty well connected, and if they're all reporting something it's either true, or was true at some point in time.
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  3. broncsgoat

    broncsgoat NRL Player

    They’re still all **** wits
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  4. Stu_9

    Stu_9 QCup Player

    Would be intersting to see who leaked this email from Seibold..?
    Smart play on Seibold and his mangers side, and also may work out well for the Broncos if they’re now able to terminate due to a breach of contract.
  5. Dee

    Dee QCup Player

    Absolutely disgusted with the Brisbane Broncos right now. I have been a supporter for over 20 years and never once have I not been proud of us as a club and team, until today. We have succumb to media pressure like simple weak minded fools. Sacking Wayne Bennett is a decision that many fans won't like. I'm all for planning for the future but Wayne built the Broncos and deserved to see out his contract. This is not the way you send off the greatest coach of all time. This is a sad and dark day in Brisbane Bronco history.
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  6. Bucking Beads

    Bucking Beads International Captain

    Wayne is not the club. He’s just a growth that started turning into cancer.
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  7. FaithinHook

    FaithinHook NRL Player

    Are you serious! How much of this did Wayne bring on himself, ask yourself that!
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  8. Jedhead

    Jedhead NRL Player

    I'm glad Seibs has taken a back seat to all of this whole sorry saga and only spoken out at the 11th hour when he felt compelled to do so. He has never been caught up in the will he won't he storyline. Benny however, like his tired old on field tactics has finally succumbed to the drama of the NRL and the media will have a field day. In fact they will dine on this all next season.

    At least we're garunteed to have League news dominate all other sports for headlines.
  9. Dash

    Dash NRL Player

    Yep, we went from a year long farewell tour and celebration of Wayne's career to k thanks bye very quickly.
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  10. holdzy89

    holdzy89 NRL Captain

    Can’t wait for Wayne’s next book!
  11. Dee

    Dee QCup Player

    I respect everyone's opinion that is different to mine but I'll just say this - I can guarantee most of us wouldn't even be supportering the Broncos if it wasn't for the success Wayne Bennett built.
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  12. Completely and comprehensively disagree with this. WB had the chance to have it end that way but chose a different path.
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  13. Bucking Beads

    Bucking Beads International Captain

    Yeah “All About Wayne” is a striking title...
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  14. holdzy89

    holdzy89 NRL Captain

    Wayne deserves credit for making the broncos competitive again, finals regulars again, and it’s a shame his final game was a dragons thrashing, but the summation of his last stint will be disappointing finals losses. Nothing can take away his broncos legacy though, even this sorry saga.
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  15. Accept

    Accept NRL Player

    If I ever get cancer (touch wood that I don't), I hope it is made up of six titles and a .640 winning pctg in the last four years. He brought a grace and eloquence to this club and a brilliant football brain that will never be rivalled. And now we have some guy named Seibs, a pot bellied bogan type dude who has as much grace as a Logan strip club. A very sad day.
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  16. Dee

    Dee QCup Player

    Good point. Yeah, nothing can take away what Wayne Bennett means to our club. I still can't believe they've sacked him like this, shown him the door.

    The amount of pressure on Seibold now is incredible.
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  17. Waynesaurus

    Waynesaurus NRL Player

    Round 8, 2019 just got a whole lot spicier.
  18. pagey

    pagey NRL Captain

    Zero disruption?? Jd has been running things, a complete overhaul will happen. Doubt we'll make the 8
  19. Morepudding

    Morepudding QCup Player

    Yeah you need to feel for Seibold through all this. Bennett has been on $1m+ a year for over a decade, and has been one of the best paid coaches for the past 20 years. He is very safe financially yet it was him who was trying to con the Broncos out of money to get a double pay packet. Seibold has been an a teacher, an assistant and one year as a head coach on what one would assume was not a huge salary. He has had to figure out living situations with a young family which wouldn't be easy.

    From the get go he basically said he was happy to do whatever. He said he was happy to coach us, and was happy to coach them and that he would leave it to the clubs to decide. From reports, it appears publicly Bennett was always saying he was staying, but behind the scenes said other things to other players and clubs.

    I'm glad this is over, and I hope Seibold and his family can settle back in to Queensland nicely before the start of the school year in 2019.
  20. Jedhead

    Jedhead NRL Player

    For $900k a year for the next four years I'm sure he'll manage.

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