Player physiques - Pre Season


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If Bird comes back super lean, we'll know that Siebs has confiscated all the free Maccas cards.
They are only valid until the end of December anyway. Don't think they handed them out last year
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I'm waiting for the second series of action figures where they come with their "action" button. The first prototypes are already being developed:
-Boyd falls over,
-Milford waves his hands in the air appealing for a penalty
-Macca turns around and shruggs his shoulders and arms asking what is going on
-Bird falls apart
-Seibold shuffles his stats papers
-Fifita comes with a punch action but you have to buy the scooter separately.
-TPJ comes with a 4 week suspension.


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I don't mean any disrespect but my word it is as though Inglis died and was reincarnated as Coates. I predict this youngster to be Dally M centre of the year within 3 years max. Will also finish his career as our greatest centre along with Pearl. This man has the body of Adonis. He must be a starting centre some time this year. What an athlete! He is the man/player I am most excited about in 2020.
I agree.

Coates scored a try in a trial (might have been this year) which was Inglis 2006.....that same cruisey running style that Greg had.....


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This needs to be spoken about.
Milford looks excellent right now. Look at his face - he’s 5-7kg lighter than he was a little while back even.
Seibold had to do a few of these ones.

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