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    My thoughts from last nights game against the storm.

    1) Darius looks slow and I thought there was one try where he didn't put his body on the line.
    2) I like Macca, but I would rather see Niko on the bench in a rotation with Macca. This will give us some speed
    3) Try Sullivan (not sure of his full name) as the half back. We need more of an organiser. For example our forwards were buggered in the early parts of the game. We should have kicked the ball dead and gave them a rest.

    Overall though I enjoyed the game, I think they showed allot of ticker and will only get better from here. Only round 1
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  2. Fernando

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    The effort was great, that's what i'd take out of it. Melbourne games are pretty much a write off, just a complete and utter hoodoo going on there. If they keep that effort up I think the rest will click before long. Sucks about Lodge though.
  3. I counted two, the one where he pretended to slip over so he didn't have to put his body on the line against Scott, and the one where J.Bromwich strolled through and he pretended to get faked out by a dummy.. from a front rower.. with no Storm plays in the vicinity..

    Saw him do plenty of both last season, it's really disgusting to watch. If we had someone like RTS at Fullback we'd concede 6, or maybe even 12 fewer points per game honestly, that's how bad Boyd has become defensively.
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  4. Tom

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    Any new rumours for us?
  5. broncos4life

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    Because you don’t see anything bad your agenda, and even worse instead of being a man and admitting to it you are hiding behind you ‘Bintang induced haze’.

    He looked like every other coach outside of the tantrum throwing children.
  6. broncos4life

    broncos4life International Rep

    It’s frustrating arguing with someone that has a clear agenda and alters facts to substantiate it, isn’t it?
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  7. broncsgoat

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    What? Instead of being a man? Literally what are you on about? I’ve been pretty adamant since the beginning that I think he’s no good and I wasn’t impressed with him last night.
  8. broncos4life

    broncos4life International Rep

    Based on some weird **** look that you made up.
  9. Sproj


    Well I've got a spare half an hour, so:

    1. Boyd - Not a great start by the captain in order to appease a lot of us from last year unfortunately. Did two or three good defensive plays but that miss on Bromwich was really poor, as is his constant insistance on defending in the line 20m from the try line. 5
    2. Oates - Best on ground in my opinion. Constantly dragged in defenders as he usually does, scored two crucial tries and went looking for work late in the game. Easily outperformed the other three wingers in the game. 9
    3. Roberts - Lasted about three minutes and really feel he could have made a difference when the Broncs were coming home strong, nothing against Staggs at all, Roberts is just an experienced game breaker that Staggs isn't yet. 2
    4. Bird - He was woeful in the first 20 and his drop led to an important try after all the early defensive work Brisbane had done to keep themselves in the game. To his credit, he then went on a mission to spend the rest of the game making up for his mistake and did a reasonably good job for someone who has been out for a year. 6
    5. Isaako - He needs to learn how to get himself into games more. He can be a game breaker when he wants to be, unfortunately last night he looked like he didn't want to be. Great potential and great goal kicker though. 5
    6. Milford - He certainly looked underdone that's for sure. He didn't have that electricity in attack but I thought he did pretty well in defense given he was getting no help from his second rower. He'll improve and especially when his forwards give him a platform to work from. 5
    7. KNik - Nowhere near as bad as some are making out. Long, clearing kicks are not his game but he looked farm ore threatening than Milford did last night. He was by no means excellent, he really wasn't but he wasn't bad either given he had no platform to work from. He kept getting isolated in defense, would be solved a lot by having Gillett on his inside shoulder. 6
    8. Lodge - Was enormous. Almost 70 minutes straight and every minute was high quality stuff. Still gets a bit caught out around marker but he kept pulling off key tackle after key tackle. Shame he will be suspended. 8
    9. Macca - You know what you are going to get from the guy and his worst game is as good as his best game, average to slightly above average. You can work with that if you have guns in other positions of the spine but this current side doesn't really. My biggest problem with him, aside from his slowness is his lack of game awareness. Why does he persistently kick on the 3rd after long stints in defense? This isn't just something from last night, this is an ongoing problem. Broncs either need someone better or someone in 14 who can provide spark. Segeyaro would be perfect. 5
    10. Joffa - The only reason I know he played was because of that stupid penalty. If you are wearing maroon and yellow, do NOT argue with the ref, ever. He started to look good in the last ten minutes of the game. He should be wearing 13 to be honest, he is the quintessential lock. Poor game to back up pretty poor trials. 3
    11. Glenn - Had amazing trial performances and follows it up with an absolute snoozer. Did he even play? Where was the hunger and the urgency last night? Where was the defensive support for Milf? Not impressed. 3
    12. Su'A - Not his best night but he is coming back from a long injury lay off and needs time to get up to speed. He is symptomatic of the Broncs problem last night really, too many guys not match fit and coming back from long lay offs. He got almost knocked out but stayed on which is a good team effort but he definitely didn't seem right, given the dropped ball and being planted on his head. Will get better. 5
    13. Gillett - Was fantastic in defense, offered nothing in attack. He isn't a stinger though in defense most of the time. Don't get me wrong, he has the ability to hit hard but more often than not, he is being dragged along or just putting people down softly. He will get better. He is coming off a very long lay off and a serious injury at that. He needs time but when he is up and running again, look out. Just happy he got through the game. 5

    14. Staggs - Fair effort from the young man to fill in for 75 minutes. He didn't look out of place at all and looked threatening fairly consistently. He also wasn't dropping off tackle after tackle as he was last year. Good signs of improvement from a future star. 6
    15. Fifita - Was weirdly introduced very late in the game. I don't really get Siebold's idea with that, I really don't. Fifita is a gun and could have made a difference he was introduced earlier. That said, he is still young and didn't really offer much in the way of anything really and that is what will happen with young players. He was impressively consistent for such a young 'un last year and is probably a victim of his own debut season more than anything. He came on too late and then didn't really do anything to make a difference thereafter. 5
    16. Flegler - Now this guy is one of the positives to come out of last night. He came out firing and he took a few prisoners down with him. I guess Siebold told him he was only getting ten minutes so go hard as he could while he was out there because while he was out there, he was a key trigger for momentum shifting. His defense was a highlight, he was visibly hurting Storm players. You could see them stunned and running somewhere else instead. He was smashing everything that came his way, not just tackling, smashing. He's got a future this kid, look out once he builds his tank. I know it was very short but colour me super impressed. 8
    17. TPJ - I thought he was good. He was looking to make things happen without going overboard like he has in the past. He wasn't as threatening or noticeable as he often is at his best but that's ok, he's coming back from injury. He, as always, provided a point of difference and look to him to progress in coming weeks. Good signs. 6

    Siebold - Some new structures were clearly visible and that's good to see. Was wonderful that, despite the limited time in attacking zones, the playmakers were working together and on both sides of the field. I think that is going to pay off in the back end of the season. Both KNik and Milf are players who don't always need structure, they need opportunity. Would help if one of them was playing third receiver and sniffing around the ruck but that isn't going to happen while Boyd is at 1. I don't understand why Flegler only played 10 minutes when he was going gangbusters and I don't understand why Fifita was held back so long. I also don't like Macca going in field in a sort of half/lock hybrid role, he isn't Cam Smith, no one is, so it doesn't work for me but I guess it allows someone else to get into hooker and not use up an interchange, so there is that. Siebs is clearly moulding the team, that's clear but it will take time. 6

    Jersey - I'm sorry, I just hate it. I don't usually care too much about the jersey to be honest. However, the look bothers me so much, it is too reminiscent of Cronulla and no one (except Huge) wants that I'm sure, given the murkiness of that club. Maybe it is to try and get Jack Bird back to his halcyon days? Make Tagatease feel better about his career fizzing out? Make Huge feel like he can support Brissy and Cronulla all in one? Just use the '15 heritage jersey forever more. 2
  10. ningnangnong

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    Couldn't watch last night, just started the replay. Should I watch it all?
  11. Sproj


    Yes. The Storm were very good and the Broncs certainly weren't as bad as some of the gloom in this thread would have you believe. Certainly a lot in there to build on.
  12. pagey

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    I agree he has dropped off and is obviously less of a captain than Smith, but I'm willing to give him the chance. I really don't know who would be a better option atm
  13. theshed

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    We pretty much served up the same old performance but it will take awhile to get Seibold’s game plan up and running, not all doom and gloom at all but I think a few of us were brought back down to earth about having such an experienced team.

    That being said, Melbourne played very well and have handled losing another world class player without missing a step yet again. It’s round 1 and they already look like a team ready for the finals.
  14. After reading the game post last night and then this one, I seem to be getting hit with a big dose of karma after my very negative post after our first round loss last year.

    From my perspective there was a lot to like about that performance last night, and I always thought that there were a lot of people posting on here that had unrealistic expectations. The facts are:

    1. We were up against a side that had not lost a first round game for sixteen years. That is an awful lot of teams that have had their arses handed to them first up by Melbourne.

    2. We were playing a clinical side with well developed structures and roles and everyone in their team played to that structure and fulfilled their respective roles.

    3. We were playing one of the benchmark sides on their home ground where they are always more difficult to beat.

    4. To the contrary of a well-settled and structured Storm, we had a disrupted off-season, and the early part of the pre-season was full of distractions.

    5. We have a new coach who is introducing completely new structures which we are still trying to bed down.

    6. Our chief play-maker was coming back from off-season surgery and had limited preparation time and it showed. Once again the rust was evident and he can only get better with more game time.

    7. Two of our other key players (Bird and Matt Gillett) were coming back from extended injury lay-offs, and the rust showed for both.

    8. We lost one of our key strike players in the first few minutes of the game and thereafter played a man down for the rest of the game.

    9. We had to replace that key strike player with a young kid who would have less time in the role in training than Jimmy.

    10. The manner in which the game was officiated better suited the game style and tactics of our opposition.

    In light of all of that, I thought that was a pretty good effort last night in the circumstances.

    What is more important is that there is a noticeable improvement next week and that progresses from week to week.

    So basically, my view is calm the **** down and enjoy the ride.
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  15. broncsgoat

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    I know what I saw.
  16. pagey

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    I can't agree with the excuses point , after what transpired last season and having a complete overhaul of our systems and game structures it was always going to take time. And the suggestion that our club and fans accept mediocrity, come on.
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  17. Eta Carinae

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    I'm one of the most critical of Boyd but I thought when he genuinely fooled by the dummy. He just looks so slow and ineffective these days. I wonder what it would take for Seibold to try swapping Boyd and Milford. IMO one isn't cutting it at 5/8 and the other isn'
    Would probably be interesting to read if you left a space between each rating so it's readable rather than just a block of text. Something to keep in mind for the future.
  18. pagey

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    110m and 25 tackles isn't quite in my book , think you're being harsh on offa mate
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  19. broncos4life

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    Well show us some screenshots of this look then.
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  20. Gaz

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    Not sure I disagree.
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