PRE-GAME Round 22 - Broncos vs Panthers


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Obviously a damaging runner. Anyone know what his defence is like?
This has been my take all year as early as Saturday night's game to February.

You can see how close or far away he is now, at the start of the year he didn't understand the basics of league, everything took him that split second of thinking was a game earlier in the season where he went to marker and clearly didn't understand the role.

He's got that under control now and he's got league smarter in attack he but certainly not in defence.

Last night was a classic example, run for miles score chip and chase try but defend a three on three- no he comes in and goes out and just gets done too often. He averages too many missed tackles and very bad reads in defence. Needs to refine that part of his game.
Jesse Arthars v Perese today, I thought Arthars had the best of him the try that got the Bears back to 14-14 was Perese coming in for no reason and he got injured doing it but then scores a great try stepping back inside at inside shoulders and scores the winner for Dolphins.

Still that completely un-needed movement in defence.
He’s similar to Perese a month ago bit lost but speed and strength get him home.
I thought Perese had his best game against the Hunters. Impressive running at the gap for his try. No way he scores that 10 weeks ago.

He still breaks tackles like no man's business but now he is becoming league smart and getting more involved and set up a nice try with a freaky pass and again more game aware.
Had his best game last week. Great tackle and try.

Other than that massive teething problems. Does things like doesn’t know his role from marker or touched the ball before 10m.

Even in general play- runs if you give him the ball and beats men but can’t deviate off that set task because he doesn’t have the league knowledge. Really one dimensional still.
That tackle is the big play indicator- first time I have seen him time and read a situation. I commented earlier this year he just looked lost and a bit unsure- he was taking that second to react that players that have done something a while don't need.

He didn't know how to chase from marker and touched a kick off things like that.

That tackle shows improvement in reacting and understanding.
I watched Redcliffe v Souths.

I thought while Perese tries hard and wants to run the ball, he is lacking in any sort of anticipation and won't show any variance from his area. His game awareness needs massive work.

Niu on debut I thought was ok, he will have to keep working on using other players, still has that I will just run mentality of MM. A combination of MSL and Port could be dangerous for the Magpies.

Magpies were super disappointing to lose, should never have even been in that position.
I haven't changed my opinion from February, he's certainly not lost anymore in attack or different roles but his defence is a worry, he can tackle but it's just awareness for what this situation needs that has proven hard to solve.

Residents was his best defence, which I was surprised by because I wasn't too sure he deserved to be there but he was great. He was with Broadhurst though who is a great defender and communicator.

Been fun watching him, he's entertaining.
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Perese worries me more than a little defensively, as 1910 said, he lacks awareness. The rest of his game has come on a fair bit now for Reddy, but I haven't seen his defence improve anywhere near as much as the rest of his game

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Perese is very much like Moga.

He can do some brilliant things but it's guaranteed he'll also make you pull your hair out.


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With these things considered, even though I’ve been down on Shiba can we really afford to have such a defensive liability debuting in what’s effectively a must win match?

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I don't see the point in blooding Perese off the bench. Even if he came in for Segeyaro as the utility, the move makes little sense in a contest that is so vital for the Broncos season. Either he comes in for Shibasaki or he doesn't play, it's that simple.

If this move does take place, it would just be another half measure by the coach. With a squad that is going through a transition, I don't think they can afford this kind of weak leadership.
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If this true and he is in the frame to be picked what I don't get is why are Dearden/O'Sullivan being held back supposedly because 'there is too much riding on these next few games and they mightn't handle the pressure'
FFS surely the same situation applies to this kid as well.
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Mathematically we could still make the finals even if we drop the next 3 games and win the Bulldogs game, but we would need results to go our way.

We can secure a spot in the finals regardless of other results if we win 3 of our next 4.


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Didn't they say he might be coming for Kennedy? If that's the case, it is just as stupid. A back and a hooker on the bench? Is Oates shifting into the second-row when Perese comes on?
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Don't the storm play b.smith and papenhuyzen off the bench?
B.Smith plays as a lock basically. Macca could shift to 13 I suppose.
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