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    Plus add in their coach, who although he seems to be a good bloke, in two stints of NRL coaching has not got close to getting to a GF.
  1. Wolfie

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    I was more thinking of TPJ at prop, him and Lodge were really good playing front row last year and we lost a bit when one of them went off. Carrigan has an old head on young shoulders, i know i bang on about him, but i'd honestly have no worries at all playing him.
  2. That's close to what I'd pick although I'd have Taga and Lodge to start with Offa and Hass as the second front row pairing. Remaining two benchies would be TPJ and a rotational spot for whomever wants it the most (and by that I mean who is killing it in the ISC) The use and makeup of the bench is critical as we all know and we seem to have a lot to choose from. I do believe we always need two genuine props in the four but the other two spots would have to be constantly changing with injuries and form the circumstances which would force changes.
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  3. Wolfie

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    I think we need somebody like Taga out there, as long as he is playing well enough in the trials. I'm currently leaning more towards Offa at lock. He was great there last year and i think would play the role fairly similar to how Seibold had Burgess playing it at Souths, presuming thats how he sets us up as well.
  4. If, and it's a big if Tagatese does put in as he publicly claimed I'd expect he could make the first team on a regular basis. By his own admission he has had more to give but chose to coast along, happy to be a benchie as long as he was getting picked. He says this season he will give his all, totally committed and I think should he do that he still has the ability to start or be a tremendous contributor from the bench. He's better than a lot give him credit for in my opinion.

    I do like Offa at lock too but who partners Lodge or rather how many dedicated front rowers do we have? It's one area I've always thought the Bronco teams of the last ten years, give or take have been short of staff. The modern game is not so different that teams don't require four genuine props a match but I could be wrong about that. The Roosters were very successful last year and I admit to not really bothering reading about their team, maybe they disprove my theory.
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  5. Wolfie

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    I think Lodge and Taga starting props with TPJ and one of Carrigan or Haas as our front row rotation would be good enough. TPJ coming off the bench gives us the impact i think we lacked at times last year. The bench is actually quite difficult to pick. I'm currently leaning towards TPJ, Haas, Carrigan and Sua or Glenn ( depending on who starts ), but we have plenty of other genuine options like Fifita, Staggs, Mago and Turpin.
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    I’m a fan of Tagatese being in the squad as a senior figure, but what makes people think that an older player who couldn’t make the squad last year an automatic shoe in to make the 17, with some suggestioning a starting role
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  7. I suppose in my case it's because I've watched him for years, know he has the ability and saw that same ability displayed just last season. Combined with his recent declaration that for the first time in his long career he will put in everything I believe he could make the first team on a regular basis. Other reasons are we need a big bodied, battle hardened prop and Taga has deep experience and is a premiership winning bench prop. In the end it's really down to the two primary reasons I gave earlier. The ability to do the job and a renewed commitment to do the job. If the second happens I'm sure he's right.
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  8. Sproj


    And the fact he’s a former Shark (from their undisputedly squeaky clean 2016 premiership side no less) doesn’t hurt either. ;)
  9. Wolfie

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    I think we need a bit of experience in the side since losing Sims, Thiaday and Moose. Plus i think he took his eye off the ball a little bit last year in terms of pushing for a place in the side, i dont think he will this year.
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    I suspect Taga was never going to get a look in with a fit thaiday and moose. They were club stalwarts and he the newcomer. With all of them gone, The team is crying out for a consistent middle forward and we don't have a lot to choose from. Offa and lodge are the only two we have and they had their off games as well, be it brain explosions or poor defence. I think Offa is passed that and I'm hoping TPJ learns from his poor form at the end but I wouldn't want to sacrifice games because the front-rowers go missing for a quarter of the game as would sometimes happened last year or have brain explosions and try overcompensate. They need to prove they're past that.
    That doesn't mean you don't pick promising players, you just need to mix them in with some old heads for when the going gets tough. That said the older players still need to earn their spot, hence fensom being thrown in the mix.
    It might be that at the end of the year we have team filled with young players, that have shown they can hold their own. but you don't need that to happen round 1 to win games. Let them show they are ready.
  11. upthebroncs

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    Taga is a humble leader for all the young islander forwards we have that are coming of age in first grade.
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  12. Sirlee oldman

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    I think with the depth we have there should be no reason for players to carry injuries into games. I would trust all of them to come into the team and do their job.
  13. Bongo

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    1. Boyd
    2. Oates
    3. Bird
    4. Roberts
    5. Isaako
    6. Milford
    7. Nikorima
    8. Offa
    9. Macca
    10. Lodge
    11. Sua
    12. Glenn
    13. Gillett
    14. TPJ
    15. Haas
    16. Fifita/Carrigan/Flegler
    17. Fensom/Staggs/Taga/Turpin
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  14. upthebroncs

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    Not many mentions of Izere Perese on here.

    Wouldn't mind seeing him at left centre during the season. Probably around origin period.
  15. Viti

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    This would be the side for me for round 1 this year. For me our premiership hopes really rest on Macca’s shoulders this year, we have the forward pack to create the momentum and the backline to capitalise on it. If Macca can guide the forwards round the park and get the ball to Milf and Niko on the front foot there’s no reason we can’t go all the way.
  16. pagey

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    Seen isaako at the shops today, happy as with his little one. He wasn't real tall , big but.
  17. Rhino1001

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    Is there any chance we see Seibs rotate the starting lock and bench depending on the opposition? For example say against the storm we want a conservative approach, so we would then see Offa start at lock and possibly Taga on the bench. But when we verse say poor defensive teams we see TPJ start, who is more likely to offload and through it around a bit more, and see the young guys get some experience off the bench.
  18. upthebroncs

    upthebroncs QCup Player

    I would rotate the bench during the season but try to keep the same 13 in order to form combinations and familiarity with plays ect.

    I feel like Seibold is big on his combinations as we saw from how Cody Walker and John Sutton played together on that left edge.

    Hopefully we can figure out who is best to run off Milford. I'm Su'a or Pangai would be my top picks.
  19. teampjta

    teampjta NYC Player

    Sorry guys, with all these mock lineups I just don’t see TPJ starting on the bench.

    He was our most destructive wrecking ball in what was his breakout year. I can’t imagine the hottest forward property in the game would be happy coming off the bench. I also don’t think playing him off the bench will bode well when trying to re-sign him for 2020 and beyond.

    He is one player we need staring down the opposition when the whistle blows,

    Hey I maybe wrong, Only time will tell
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